Tuesday, May 5, 2009

God Don't Like Ugly....

and this is ugly on so, so many levels.

seems as though the town of Victorville was fining the bank daily for code enforcement and the bank decided it would be cheaper to just level them and start over with clear land. When I first heard this story on Inside Edition it made my stomach churn. Just demolish 20 or so 400K homes (before the market crash) WTF? Once I watched all the videos (yes there are more) it seems as though they did remove appliances and such but I'm not really sure. All I could think about was why didn't they just sell them for what they could get out of them instead of demolishing them. I just don't understand the reasoning. Then I read more and did a little research and at least now I understand...snark.

Examples of what people are doing to their homes when they get the foreclosure notice.

This is how only one of the banks that received the TARP money are making decisions. Truly, I'm afraid to dig too deep....


  1. That is really awful. I just doesn't make sense.

  2. i'm still shaking my head over it this morning, cb...

  3. I think I'd feel bad if I destroyed my home just because I couldn't afford to pay my rent. That's not the bank's fault. But I can understand wanting to do something like that, when I just paid $3500 for a new furnace. However, I don't have the old one to put back in if did something like that.

  4. the thing that gets me is that they are trying in ever so slight undertones to make it out to be "see, those people should have never been allowed to own homes in the first place" I don't believe it is just "poor" people who are doing it. i believe it is people who worked hard all their lives to get up that down payment, invested all they had into a "home" only to have the bank raise the interest rates beyond what any person would expect and then foreclose on that home. I'd be pissed too and I would want to take anything and everything I could out of that home to try to get some of my money back. I had a car repossed one time that was my livelihood and that I had a trade in of 9,000. the car only cost 17,000 to begin with and when I called the asshole bank guy to ask him how much I would have to pay to get it back he smugly fired back at me over 15,000. I told him he could keep the mf. Later I found out that they sold it at auction for 3,400. I only owed $1000 in back payments and could have borrowed that from my mom. I wasn't about to ask her for 15,000 though. but it all turned out for the best i guess, because of me losing that car, I lost my job and my home and had to move back to mississippi. I was supposed to do that and think it was divine intervention because I was supposed to come back home to take care of and get reacquainted with my mom. she died 5 months after i got back. but i will still never forget how that smug bastard came to my house and threatened me and my kid and how smug he was when i was trying to do the right thing to get it back. I loved that car and would probably still have it today, had he let me make the back payments.