Thursday, January 31, 2008

The A A D D is in Overdrive this Morning!

During times of stress I've noticed my AADD kicks into overdrive, so this post will be a testament to that. Please be kind. :)

Did you notice the Finetune player has a new look? I think I need to make another playlist and separate the blues from the other "50-something" music I have on there.

Well, it looks as though John McCain will be our next president. Once again, the Democrats have not only started the infighting but have not provided us with a viable, electable candidate. crap. The only one they had that might have gotten a crossover or undecided vote in my opinion was John Edwards. So what if he spent $400 on a haircut. I never saw a problem with that and thought it was really pitiful the media picked up on it instead of his message about poverty in the United States. Please go here to read a very good article on what we lost when John Edwards decided to no longer run. Out of all the candidates he was the only one to give me any kind of warm and fuzzy feeling...the kind that makes you feel relief and feel like maybe it will be alright, after all. The rest of them just make me cringe to think who they will sell out to or have already sold out to.

Everyone should go here and sign up for AlterNet, a great source of information without the usual media slant.

I think I forgot to tell all of you blues lovers out there, Alex over at A Copywriter's Blues has posted several YouTube Videos of KoKo Taylor. Awesome!!! You rock Alex! I'm trying to get KoKo to accept me as a friend on MySpace and told her about you too. She's probably pretty busy so it might be awhile before I hear anything. I'll let you all know when it would be such an honor!

Most of my readers know I live with ten cats...yep that's me, the cat lady. :) I don't know what it is about me, my son, or our home that attracts animals but it's always been that way and ever since my son was born it's almost like there is a double dose of animal whammy surrounding us. We have had as many as 13 dogs, 5 cats, 3 raccoons, 2 armadillos and countless squirrels at one time. I feel somewhat blessed to only have ten cats and a couple of raccoons in the attic now. :) Anyway today it is raining and they are ALL(except the raccoons) inside! Geez, can't even take a step without running into a cat. God, I wish they would take a nap. :)

I don't remember if I posted about my longtime online friend Keltic. We met years ago when we were both trying to make a living autosurfing. That was a bust for me but anyway we stayed friends and now she has recently started two blogs of her own. KelticKaos that cracks me up and KelticCron that chronicles her finds as she starts her weight loss journey. Both of these are worth your perusal.

Besides the blues, I love Southern rock...probably because it is so influenced by the blues and I am, after all, Southern :) The reason this comes to mind is that Little Feat/Dixie Chicken is playing on the Finetune player as I'm writing this post. I sure miss them. I also miss The Amazing Rhythm Aces, Delaney and Bonnie and Commander Cody. Imagine my surprise when I went searching for links and found that most of them are all still around, doing their thing! Cool! Now if they would only come on down South and pay us a visit! Wouldn't that be an awesome concert!!!

Oh, almost forgot, thanks Ron, Keltic, Alex and Dolphin for getting me through it with the many daily emails! They were much appreciated!

K, that's about it for today. Ya think I need to go dig out the Straterra? :)

Have a Great Day and as always Happy Searching!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yet Another Miracle :)

Since the day I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful and wonderful son I've known that I was forgiven for my worst sins, having abortions, and from that point on I would get my miracles when I really needed them. The child has been my greatest miracle since the day he was born. I don't know why I doubt that they will come and do doubting stuff like post about my situation and throw it out into cyberspace.
I am sorry for worrying my readers, but I am truly grateful for all the warmth and support that has been shown to me over this past week. Thanks also for taking the time to post on your own blogs to try to get us the help we needed. That was a wonderful thing to see and gave me the warm and fuzzies like I haven't felt in quite some time. :)
This post will be short, as I am still a bit drained by court and running around like crazy trying to get everything together. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have a bank check in my purse this morning that is going to the management company as soon as they open that will pay my rent through February. Oh, and there is enough money in the bank to allow me to take my test as soon as I can get the application process done. There is even some left over. :)
My son got his W-2 early (the miracle) so we were able to file and go for the RAL (refund anticipation loan) thus allowing us to have the money in time to tell the judge that we would have it in two to fourteen days, which he was fine with.
It never ceases to amaze me how people change their entire attitude when they get in front of a judge. The woman from the management company that had been such a bitch to me in November was all nicey nice and cooperative when she was in front of the judge....
Court was a hoot by the way. I recommend it to anyone that needs a laugh. Any court in the south is a hoot, except maybe criminal prosecutions. Traffic court is especially funny. Traffic court in Atlanta is the most fun you will ever have! At least for those of us that love to people watch :)
Have a great day and as always Happy Searching!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ok, Here It Is...We've Known It Was Coming...

Oh, God, this is hard to do....

Please see the post from December 1st for more details.

The court date for the eviction notice is set for Monday. We will probably have 5 days after that before we are on the street. Since I don't have a clue what else to do, I'm throwing it out there to cyberspace. If you have any spare change in your PayPpal account you don't need please consider sending it through PayPal to . We need, according to the landlord, $1650.00. This is not right but how do you argue with a management company that has filed the court papers? Or a judge? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We would even consider a $2000 reasonable loan arrangement. Half could be paid back in less than a month, the rest monthly over the course of 6 months.

Also, if anyone knows of a social work related position that might consider a social work student that has finished her coursework but not taken the test ($220) or actually received her degree (June '08) in Jackson, MS, then this information would be greatly appreciated since I've already been everywhere I can think of. I will take secretarial work, hell, even janitorial work, to be in the social work environment...

OK, that's it. Thanks for the consideration..... If you wish to contact me please do so at the prinpronisse@gmail address. Thanks again.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

Richard Knerr

It is 3 am and I am awake, watching the overnight news when I heard the co-creator of Wham-O Toys died from complications of a stroke on Monday. Richard Knerr is credited with bringing such toys as the Hula Hoop, the Superball( 50,000lbs of compressed energy), Silly String, the Slip-N-Slide , the "Pluto Platter" also affectionately known as the Frisbee and my favorite SuperElasticBubblePlastic to the public light. To this day my almost 19 year old son can not pass a vending machine full of "superballs" that he does not plug quarters into it. :) Thanks for the memories Mr. Knerr!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Social Work Podcast

Sometimes I stumble upon the coolest things! As always, I like to share them with you :) The Social Work Podcast widget is one of the greatest sources of information I've run across in a good while. It is full of many mini-lectures. You can turn it on and walk around doing other things. Having ADD, this is a good thing :) Have a listen, then let me know if you like it. Have a great day and happy searching!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Social Work Student's Job Search

Most of you know that I have finished my coursework and have begun the job search process. Certainly, I have found links to share with you to help you with your own search. I will leave it on top for now as it is a work in progress, but will probably move it later. Happy Searching!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

John McCain

Lately, it has been bothering me that the similarities between President Bush and John McCain seem to be getting closer and closer. I just don't understand how anyone in their right mind can honestly want four to eight more years of the same crap. I don't understand why any presidential candidate in his right mind would want to emulate such complete arrogance and failure. It has also been bothering me that when asked "knowing what you know now, would you still vote to go to war with Iraq?" To which McCain answered "Yes". If you look at the bottom of this page you can see I have a counter that keeps track of the cost of the Iraq war. 484 trillion dollars! I can-not-even-get-my-head-around-that-much-money! But I do know that Social Services has suffered greatly because of this war, as has the entire country.

In my search for the reasons and for explanations for John McCain I ran across this article on AlterNet that pretty much hits the highlights, here is an excerpt/summary:

"It is rare to see a popular politician mimicking a president with much lower approval ratings. (Bush has crashed into the 30s in several major polls.) Yet as McCain continues his Bushification to win the Republican base, he may alienate the very Americans he needs to win a general election.

Moderate voters were supposedly attracted to McCain's reputation for integrity and independence. If they discover that independence is nothing but a disposable sales pitch from another politician, they may oppose him. McCain must stop pandering to the radical right if he wants to hold the center.

That is why the Bushification strategy is doomed to fail -- you cannot posture a firm ideology for political advantage. You either have one or you don't. And Americans can tell."

I also ran across this article in the Washington Post that is quite long but explains why McCain feels the way he does about the war and after having read it I understand his view but I still agree with AlterNet's statement about the Bushification of John McCain.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Link to My Site...Correctly, Please!

If you want to put a link to my site on yours, please do. It is a great honor to me and I appreciate it very much. My only request is that you link with the proper name of this site, Prin's Links for Social Work Students. If you rename the site it does not help my search engine optimization or my page rank and these things are important to me.

I understand that some of you are just getting started with your own blogs and might not know about such things and they are not important to you...yet. Believe me they will be. It is a wonderful thing to watch your little labor of love rise in the search engines, watch your Technorati authority rise from 6 to 17, and to discover that you have a page rank of 3 :) These things are important to me not because I have ever made a dime from this site but because it lets me know what the cyber-world thinks of my blog. Besides if you are a social work student then it borders on the big P word if it isn't documented/linked to correctly and I've already had issues with that word. (see archives, November, 24, 2007)

Again, please feel free to link here, I am honored that you think highly enough of Prin's Links to do so. As always, Have a Great Day and Happy Searching!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Dear God....

Thank you for letting me have my sense of humor back..... :)

Today I found a site that I am so impressed with I have asked it's owner to marry me :) It is a site dedicated to the blues, of coarse! If I was going to dedicate a site totally to the blues I could only hope that it would come out as great as this one. It is not only informative but it is also beautiful! I mention this because it is a blogger site and it amazes me that anyone could make a blogger layout turn out so well. Please go here to Crossroads Club 27 to check it out. There are many links on the right hand side of the blog that are worth your while. The widgets with pictures of the old bluesmen are great! The only thing that disappointed me a bit was that he didn't include KoKo Taylor in his lineup...but that's forgivable :) Oh, and if you would like some awesome blues art to go with your music check out the totally awesome Grayart's page!

Have a Great Day and Happy Searching!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Me and My Hoopdee....

Today I want to talk about drivers, their cars, the environment and me and my hoopdee. I found this hilarious and very informative article in the Washington City Paper Archives this morning when I was searching for how to spell hoopdee :) If you want a laugh with your morning coffee go check it out!

Every morning I take my son to work in rush hour traffic. Every morning I come back home pissed off at some stupid driver that almost cost us our lives. Inevitably it is a black female on a cell phone driving something like a Ford Excursion or something equally as insane for the environment. Apparently, I have pissed them off because I, in my 1988 Nova, am not going fast enough for them, so they must floor it to go around me, using an untold amount of gas in the process, only to get to the next light right in front of me, never missing a beat on the phone.

I have driven all of my life. I think I learned how when I was eight or nine on an old 1960 Datsun pickup truck that my uncle used for the farm. I think all of us kids learned how to drive on that truck. I have driven standard shift cars and trucks for the most part all of my life. That is until I got a job as a courier in Atlanta. All day long, sometimes 12 hours in Atlanta traffic will quickly wear out the wrists with a standard shift vehicle. The happiest day of my life was when I traded in my 1993 Toyota extended cab truck for a 1995 Subaru Legacy wagon. Not only was it automatic but it also had all wheel drive. If you have never driven a vehicle with all wheel drive then you have never really driven, period. I would be going 70 or better in the pouring rain on the interstate with 18-wheelers passing me or me passing them...not one shimmy, sway or anything else scary. That sucker held the road like nothing I had ever driven before or have driven since. I felt like a god. I think it was in that car that I really learned how to drive, drive fast and drive fast and safe. I credit Atlanta and my courier job for preparing me for my next crap job here in Mississippi as a cab driver. It was the only job I could find here that would pay me anything near what I was used to in Atlanta. Of course, no one told me at the outset that I would have to drive 20 hours a day, as fast and as well as I could, to make that money. :)

Anyway I digress as usual. My point is that this morning I am pissed at all drivers out there that intend to drive the biggest vehicle they can find as fast as they can. The next time you find yourself frying during a Mississippi July you can thank yourself for contributing to the fact that we don't have an ozone layer anymore to protect us. Me and my hoopdee will just keep plugging along, knowing that on any given day we can out-drive you... should we so choose :)