Sunday, August 30, 2009

New? Blogs for You this Morning

I'm pretty sure I've told you of Ornery Bastard before. Prepare yourself for profanities before going over there, but not only is he worth the read, the people leaving comments to his ravings are too. One of the worthiest is Elizabeth whose blog is The Middle of Nowhere. I particularly enjoyed her comments over at Ornery Bastard(kept me from having to comment). Her post titles alone make me want to go back over and over :) Have fun!


  1. Well, lookie here!

    Thanks for the referal, Prin.

    Bustednuckles. the Ornery Bastard.

  2. your welcome :) you manage to say what i want to, in exactly the same language, but i try to keep it professional for my more delicate readers :)

  3. Those are two great blogs, Prin!