Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Morning Procrastination :)

Here I sit, coffee to my left, jar of peanut butter to the left of that, complete with spoon, Sheryl Crowe on the Finetune player singing "If it makes you happy" can't get much better than that.

The roast is in the oven and there is a load of clothes in the washer and one in the dryer.

Then there is this...the four to six page paper due at midnight tonight expecting me to relate Bronfenbrenner's ecological systems theory to my decision to enter a master's program looming all around me, books stacked in every available space on the desk. I say "available space" because there is a cat in the window, one on the printer and one on the cpu all staring at me wondering what I am going to do. I can not wrap my head around that subject, much less four to six pages, and I can't find any research to give me any ideas. I guess it's not a very important subject for research...why any middle aged woman in her right mind would decide she needed a masters in mental health counseling.

It seems as though every assignment so far has been designed to make you drag your laundry out for all the world to see and analyze it...crap, I need a therapy session or six :)

Did I ever tell you I'm one of those who can't do anything unless she's under the pressure of a deadline? Don't worry about me...I'll be cranking it out ninety to nothing probably right up until 11:59 :)


  1. I am rooting for you. How's it going?

  2. My grades are great so far. I'm having a bit of trouble getting used to the "totally online" thing. Realized this morning after I submitted the project I didn't double space the friggin thing. Submitted it as a .doc so I went back in and changed the spacing in the original document. Hopefully when she opens up the attachment she will get the corrected one and not the original one since I can't go back in and resubmit it online.
    Are you at Jackson State? I read your blogger profile and your description of you sounded much like my description of me when I started undergrad :) Thanks for the encouraging words and for commenting. I thought I had lost my readers during my "facebook sabbatical" :)

  3. First, are you feeling better; working "tough" is your middle will complete the 6 pager and then some oh you little old middle age woman - NOT. Hang in there lady and remember you are doing this for two - me and you...losing your readers...I DON'T THINK SO...
    lUV YA