Monday, April 6, 2009

Lessons from Literature

This site is apparently new from The Family Violence and Prevention Fund, a great resource in itself, but could develop into greatness. I love the idea and scope so far.

"Lessons from Literature is an innovative program that enlists English teachers like you — from all across the country — to use the books and material you’re already teaching to facilitate discussion and build awareness about physical, verbal and sexual abuse. Prompted by a growing public interest in and demand for programs that seek to prevent abuse, Lessons from Literature helps address this problem among youth in the classroom and beyond.

Lessons from Literature engages and empowers you with actionable resources that help students learn the required material while also enabling adolescents to build healthy, non-violent relationships."

There is a pretty cool Power and Control Wheel that would be great to print out and put on every wall you can find :)

Also check out the home page for all they have to offer.

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