Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Best Place to Start Looking

It should be widely known that the absolute best place to start looking for free research is within a university's school of social work website. Some are considerably better than others. I have copied and pasted this page from the University of Minnesota's School of Social Work resources page. Of all the universities I have visited looking for just such a page to post for you here, this is without a doubt the best one I have found so far! It made me wonder...if they treat the general public so well then what must they do for their own social work students. Or maybe they have it there for their own students and the rest of us can just tag along. :-) I was simply amazed at the navigational ease within the site...I hope you will be also. I believe that you can take this list, substitute your own state or region's information and have the perfect list to keep with you always. So here it is. Happy Hunting!

I am adding some links to other schools I remember as being worthy under the curriculum links on the side of this page. The first one is the University of South Carolina's SWAN (Social Work Access Network) page. It lists articles that you could find useful, some abstract, some full text.
So it goes...maybe later I will give them their own's getting crowded over there and i've only just begun! :-)


World WideWeb Resources for Social Workers

Education Sites

General Sites

Practice Sites Employment Sites Government Agencies

- Federal
- State & Local Legislation, Law, Policy Information About the Twin CitiesListings by topic
(These lists are NOT comprehensive)

African American Resources
Asian American Resources Children & Family Issues Disability Domestic Violence and Abuse Elder Care/Aging Emergency FoodShelf Network

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Resources

Homelessness Latino/Chicano Resources Mental Health and Health Native American Resources Poverty

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