Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm Wondering....

The sitemeter widget at the bottom of this page tells me hourly who has been to my site, where they came from, how they came in and what they clicked to go out. The MyBlogLog one gives a different set of details but not until the next day. I don't know which one I like the best but the one thing that they both tell me is that most people are only visiting my first page.

If you come here for the links to the information that you need and don't see them, I'm sorry about that. There are five (soon to be six) other blogs attached to this first page. The links to them are done by category and are listed under the music player on the left-hand side. Click the link that says, for instance, University Archives...this will take you to the page of all the wonderful university sites I have found for my readers. Most of the time it will take you directly to the page you need for social work related material. My sole reason for doing this was to save future students of social work time. I have tried to keep this in mind with every link listed for you. Rest assured I have been all over every site I have listed for you. This is why you rarely have to go to a website's homepage and figure out how to navigate from there to get to what you need. I have also searched at least 10 search engine pages, sometimes 20 or more, so you won't have to waste your time searching. As always suggestions for improvement are always welcome!

The music can be turned off by clicking the green button on the bottom left corner of the player. I am leaving it at the top of the column so this will be easy for you to do. The main reason it is on the page is that there have been many requests for me to expand my profile. There are 120 songs on the player and I think it is a pretty accurate representation of who I am and where I've been. I could write you my story about every song in the player, but neither of us has the time. In case you haven't noticed I am not a blogger that likes to tell you all the gory personal details of my life. I guess I just think if you want to be a social worker or you already are then you know the understanding of human nature that it takes to be a social worker. You can not have understanding without experience. IMO "Nuff said. Thanks to years of therapy I got rid of the baggage years ago and don't intend to pick it up and start carrying it again. If I think it is relevant then I will bite the bullet and write it. Don't look for it very often though.

Have a Great Evening and Happy Searching!

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