Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Heartfelt Thank You!

This morning before I head off to be taught how to access the dreaded online algebra course I'm taking this semester, I want to take a little time to acknowledge the people who have helped me the most. I have gone from staring at a blank page and not having a clue as to how to put anything on it, to being able to enter information and widgets with ease. This was beyond the realm of my comprehension just two short months ago.
First, I must thank Optional and Cathangela over at the ACC forum for their invaluable and ongoing support. Were it not for these two I would have given up within the first week. It was their encouragement and expertise with coding and the like that kept me sane :) Thanks guys for letting me pick your brain! Thanks also to all my buddies over at ACC for the support and especially for not laughing at me when I began this endeavor :) I am also adding a link to one of Matt's sites here because I left him out when I did these thank you's...I'm so sorry Matt...If it were not for you working with me I would have thrown my computer through a window or something....thank you for all the countless hours you spent with me helping me keep this ole piece of junk working :) I hope you know I just plain forgot about you because you weren't involved in the set up of this blog...again I'm sorry...I should have thanked you first because if it were not for your expertise I wouldn't even have had a computer to blog with...sorry I was such an idiot...
Next, I must thank Tobi Shane webmistress of The Social Work Cafe for the ongoing, almost daily (sometimes two and three times daily) support. She has listened to me, provided me with exact, in real time, technical support for problems, made suggestions, provided uplifting conversations and provided my first place for outside exposure! For this I will be eternally grateful. I am truly proud to call Tobi my friend now and hopefully for many years to come!
Thank you also to Dr. Rob for letting me have the healthcare blogger widget, thereby validating my belief that social workers are indeed a viable resource in the healthcare field. Thank you also for having a blog that provides me countless hours of enlightened entertainment.
I believe that all my readers are well aware of my feelings about Andrew, webmaster of Mutual Aid Based Groupwork. He has changed my view of social work completely and made me finally understand the importance of all those dreaded "group assignments" in my courses at school.
Lastly, I would like to thank all the sites that have considered my little blog worthy enough to be added as a resource to their site. It makes me proud to be a part of the social work online community.


  1. Those of us who have worked along with Social Workers in the hospital understand what a vital role you guys play. Especially in pediatrics. As a resident, I would have bought dinner for social workers on many occasions.



  2. Nisse, thank you so much for the warm shout out. I am glad you find my work useful. I feel like you have done something important too. Keep an eye for your link on my sw resources section. Also, I would like to ask you to write as a guest blogger about how blogging has reinforced your learning as a social work student, when you have time. Fondly, andrew.

  3. Hey Denise, Thanks for the compliments! I'm really excited for your website developments, because it reminds me of personal experiences when I was in college. It is truly an adventure meeting like-minded social workers, students, and other professionals who are kind and generous with their knowledge on the internet.