Friday, April 18, 2008

Davka: Deer Girl Medicine

Weeks ago I meant to tell you of a blog I found. A major part of me wants to keep it all to myself because in reading her words I feel protected as though wrapped up in a soft, plush coccoon of webbing, safely padded, insulated from all of life's cruel realities. As you read her words you might find them harsh. I find them so very comforting. It's like there's only me and Davka in the world. I hear nothing else, no other thoughts intrude on me when reading her words.

Today I feel I must share Davka: Deer Girl Medicine with you. She needs prayers. Her mother is gravely ill. If you can find the time to offer up a prayer for Davka and for her mother it would be greatly appreciated. If you know that bond that only mothers and daughters can share and understand what a loss of that magnitude can do to you then please offer up a prayer. Thank you.

Here's a couple of videos for you and your mom Davka girl:

Taj Mahal--Sweet Mamma Janisse

Taj Mahal--Take a Giant Step

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  1. thank you! :) this brought tears to my eyes..