Saturday, April 26, 2008

One of Those Mornings!

Every morning I have this routine:

Somewhere around 5 am I roll out of bed, take the glasses out of the case and put them on, grab the inhaler and the ciggies, make a beeline for the bathroom, kicking cats out of the way as I go. I usually let the one cat that I love in the bathroom with me so he can eat. Yeah, he's so spoiled and he's a typical mama's boy anyway. He eats while I brush my teeth and pee. Then he lets me know if he wants to stay in and chill for a minute and if he wants to have fresh water from the sink left dripping for him. Once I know this I can go on about my day.

Then I open the door to the bathroom and have to fight with all the others because they are pissed that they aren't allowed into the "special" room and try to rush me all at the same time. You see, I used to leave the bathroom door open until they decided to use that room as their catbox. Nope, it ain't gonna happen. That's where my closet is and I have a paranoia about going out into the world smelling of cat urine anyway so the door stays closed and no one is allowed in there except mama's boy. He has respect for the clean room and never, ever pees in there.

After all that, I'm somewhat awake or so I think. I make my way to the kitchen to make that all important first cup of coffee. It is very important that I get this part right or the entire day is fried. This morning was one of those mornings that it did not go well. You see, Ive been sick so the kitchen is a total mess. Dishes everywhere because yesterday I had to declog the sink from me shoving all the wasted food in the disposal after the storm. Now I know that spinach dip will clog the disposal. I really hate it when I cannot get to the coffeemaker and then when I try to move stuff so I can get to it there is no counter space to move it to because of the piles of dishes already there.

So I finally get the coffee made or so I think, come in here to the computer to do my every morning thing...check sitemeter to see who visited the blog overnight, go to MyBlogLog to see who visited yesterday, where they came from and what they viewed. Here I must say that finally people are clicking the heart of this blog, the links I worked so hard to put together. Not just the links to the theories but to all the other stuff as well. This makes me happy. It took almost a year for this to happen but I'm happy that it finally has. Makes me feel sort of validated, ya know? I think sometimes that I should just shut up and let this blog flow on its own because while I was without power, phone and internet connection for those two weeks I had more visitors than I normally have. There has only been one other month that I've had more. I don't remember right now when that was, it was either the trauma month or the month I posted about the Anti-War grannies and Joan Wylie.

Then I check the email boxes to see if there are any comments I should publish and check the AlterNet headlines to see if there is anything in them that will stimulate me to post about it. Then go on to reader to start reading what all of you have blogged about.

Normally, the coffee has gurgled to me that it is ready about the time I get to the stats page on MyBlogLog, so I can have my coffee as I peruse the stats. Not this morning though. After the gurgling I go in there to find that I forgot to actually swing the coffee back under the water so it could drip into the pot. I have a fresh post of hot water. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! By this time I have had two inhaler hits and one ciggie so I really need the friggin' coffee! Judge me if you want to but it's my deal and I own it :) So I have to pour the hot water back into the well and stand there and mentally make sure that I have not walked away from the coffee until everything is in place for it to do it's thing.

So now I have said all of that to say this...Please link to my blog correctly! I've said it before and I will say it again and again. I do not mind you using the links I labored to find, in fact I am honored that you think enough of what I have done here to do so...all I ask is that you put friggin "Prin" in there somewhere to acknowledge me and the work I have done, K?

Now I said that to say this...there is a relatively new blog out there that is pretty cool. I applaud what she has done and think she deserves a mention here and were it not for the aforementioned faux pax I would have done so with it's own blog review that I normally do. With it's own titled post and such, instead of way down here at the end of the post. But I do think all domestic violence blogs should be mentioned here with the social work blogs and intend to do so as they are found. UAADV South Carolina is an up and coming domestic violence blog that has the potential for promise. I have subscribed to the feed and will monitor it and maybe later when I have a better morning will give it a formal review, but for now check it out, I do believe it is worth the time. You see, normally this wouldn't have bothered me as I normally have my coffee in hand before I check the MBL stats...that wasn't the case this morning. Now it's storming and much for the yardwork promised to me yesterday...see I told you the day was going to....... So I think I'll turn up the finetune player and go whip that "intermediate english" guys ass at online backgammon :)

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  1. I must be insane but I let my daughter talk me into 2 female calico almost identical kittens. We get them in 3 weeks, and we need names for them. I must be out of my mind! I don't think my cat familiar will like them!