Thursday, April 17, 2008


First, I have to thank Mark C. from Comcast's executive offices that left a comment offering to help me with my problem. Had I known that Mac and blogger decided to get along after I left and go ahead and publish that post I might have contacted him. It's probably just as well I didn't know. We all know junkies are not very nice people when deprived of their drug of choice. :) Anyway, Comcast has been nothing but nice and helpful and sympathetic when I called and I am totally happy with the service when I have it. Until I got the digital phone service I did not know what a clear call sounded like. It even makes other people's lines that I could not hear in the past, clear as a bell. My only worry is that I do live in a storm prone area and we do have tornadoes and hurricanes on a regular basis and I just wonder if this will be a regular occurrence. I guess I will just have to wait and see and cross that bridge when I come to it. I sure don't want to go back to Bellsouth.
Now getting to the raccoons... We've had raccoons for a couple of years now. They are buddies with the cats.... or at least some of them. Now we have to pay 31.99 to get the wires in the attic replaced because not only are they birthing babies up there and pooping, they are chewing on the cable wires. This is a lovely discovery, especially after having lost all the food in the freezer, lived in the dark for 5 days, lived without cable, internet, and phone for 14 days. We've had professional trappers out here, roofers and all sorts of other professionals trying to find where they are coming in. We even had to knock a hole in the sheetrock one time because one of the babies fell down between the sheetrock and the wall and the mother couldn't figure out how to get him and was screaming and was going to continue screaming until she got her baby back. We had to knock the hole in the sheetrock and grab him up with a large blanket so he wouldn't get our scent on him and take him out to the back yard and just hope she found him. She did, because before long the sound of running elephants was back in full force.
Well, that's my story for today. Just wanted to let everyone know we're almost back to, we just have to worry about flooding. Vicksburg has already lost hundreds of acres of homes and farmland and the Mississippi river is still rising. That means that sooner or later the Pearl river that runs right smack dab through the middle of Jackson will also flood. Hopefully, when the Corps of Engineers went in after the last flood, and dug the river out almost to Tennessee that did the trick. I guess we'll know when we know. I hope you all are staying safe and dry where you are. Thanks for keeping my little blog alive while I was incapacitated :)


  1. My sister lives in the south, and she loves her comcast service too. I don't believe they are available in my area.

    Well I have no suggestions about the raccoons. Except feeding them, LOL. That's what I used to do, and the possums too. Now we just have one stray kitter cat. =D

  2. My abridged raccoon story:

    Act I: I had one come through my kitty door at 5 in the morning. Heard his nails clacking down the hallway.

    Act II: The husband installs a sheild (complete with tracks so it was removable) over the kitty door to keep cats in and raccoons out at night.

    Act III: The raccoon is incensed. And proceeds to bust THROUGH the newly installed sheild. At 2 a.m. Bastard.

    Act IV: Enter BB gun.

  3. Try to stay chipper girl.