Friday, December 26, 2008 has a New Tool for You...

I was so excited to run across this last week, I downloaded it, then got busy and forgot about it. It appears to be an indespensible tool for those of you out there that need to crunch large datasets.

The program is called DataFerrett and is still in beta testing. DataFerret searches throughout the DataWeb for needed facts and figures and presents you with a complete list of what is out there for your use. This was taken from the DataFerrett site:

"What is the DataFerrett?

DataFerrett is a unique data mining and extraction tool. DataFerrett allows you to select a databasket full of variables and then recode those variables as you need.

You can then develop and customize tables. Selecting your results in your table you can create a chart or graph for a visual presentation into an html page. Save your data in the databasket and save your table for continued reuse.

DataFerrett helps you locate and retrieve the data you need across the Internet to your desktop or system, regardless of where the data resides. DataFerrett:

* lets you receive data in the form in which you need it (whether it be extracted to an ascii, SAS, SPSS, Excel/Access file); or
* lets you move seamlessly between query, analysis, and visualization of data in one package;
* lets data providers share their data easier, and manage their own online data.

DataFerrett Desktop runs from the application icon installed on your desktop."

Find the tutorials page here.

This was taken from the DataWeb site:

"TheDataWeb brings together under one umbrella demographic, economic, environmental, health, (and more) datasets that are usually separated by geography and/or organization. TheDataWeb is the infrastructure for intelligent browsing and accessing data across the Internet.

TheDataWeb provides access across the Internet to demographic, economic, environmental, health, and other databases housed in different systems in different agencies and organizations. TheDataWeb is a collection of systems and software that provide data query and extract capabilities, as well as data analysis and visualization tools, i.e., the DataFerrett."

DataFerret and DataWeb seem to be excellent programs for those of you that have newer computers and large monitors. The problem I had with it was because of my smallish monitor I could not access the bottom action buttons even with making the image smaller. Strange, I know. I will go give it another try later to see if I have any better luck. In the meantime it would be great if some of you out there could give it a try and let me know what you think. :)

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