Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Well, my day is off to a grand start...I think I'll go back to bed....

pull the covers over my head and not come out until this afternoon.

1) 5:30 am woke up to find I have no sugar or creamer for the coffee which meant I had to get out in the freezing weather to go pay triple for it at the Shell station by the interstate because that's the only place open that time of morning.

2) 5:45 am crank up the car and head out to the Shell station...put foot on the brakes, hear gggrrriiiinnnnddddd...not good. I have brakes which means it's way more serious.

3) 7:45 go take the boy to work.

4) 8:15 on the way back on the frontage road pass one cop car that looks at me funny. I thought, oh you're just being paranoid because you don't have your seatbelt on.

5) 8:16 pass another cop car that looks at me funny...k, wtf?

6) 8:20 get to the stop sign on the frontage road, don't come to a complete stop because I'm a little freaked about said brakes, cops looking at me funny and the fact I've only had one cup of coffee which was not enough. I turn right make it about 500 yards, look in the rear view mirror and first cop is behind me with his lights flashing. Geez, I think, are they going to get me for not stopping at that stop sign? Thinking this is already going to be a no-christmas, have running list of what all this will cost us. Cussing self.

7) 8:26 find a place to pull over, roll down window and wait.

8) 8:28 cop comes up to back window and starts asking me if I was just at "Pop's Around the Corner"(local biker bar where there are at least a couple of shootings/knifings etc a week) and did a man jump out of my car? Well here is where it gets funny. I have my black "David Copperfield" hat on, sweats, no bra, pink crocs, thick socks and my coat. Yep I was stylin' The cop looks almost apologetic as he asks me that question, by now he's seen the handicapped tag and sticker in the window and has had a good look at me. I told him where I had just come from and what I had been doing and he just says "well I guess it wasn't you then"

9) 8:35 look up to see if it's ok to get back on the road only to discover second cop has pulled up behind first cop. You know, first cop might need some backup against little ole me. Drive down the road going to cash in the change at the change machine at the grocery store so I can get some gas.

10) 8:45 pull into the grocery store, see third cop car, ignore it and go on about my business, get that done, go to get the gas, third cop car is still there, figure I've had mine already and don't really think about it. Go in pay for my gas, pump it and start to drive off.

11) 8:55 third cop is standing behind my car and motions for me to roll down my window and asks me for my insurance card. Geez, mister, I think...I learned my lesson when Madison County took $1600 from us last year. Pull it all out and show it to him. He thanks me and tells me I can go.

12) 9:00 get home to find the stray dogs have pulled over the garbage can, managed to get the locked lid off of it and there is garbage all over the street and in the yard and in the driveway.

So, it is now 10:37 and I'm going back to bed....


  1. Wow, what a crazy start to the day! I wonder who they were looking for.

  2. Now, ms. Prin...that was the time to go kick some butts and start writing your really can "tell" a story well, Lady - did you take any pics :)? And, this is your first of three reminders...not "the boy"...but DA MAN. Hope the rest of your day and week is all that you want it to be including the unexpected popo events...:)

  3. Heather, dunno, that's all he said. they were looking for a man that jumped out of a white car over by the bar.
    Amerah, actually it's my second reminder :) and before i get in trouble with you, i just have to say that I tried, I really tried to type "da man" this morning but I've been writing the boy for so long not only does it feel comfortable but it is a habit and if he gets offended, which i don't think he will, I will just have to explain to him that it is a term of endearment and that he will always be my boy no matter how old he gets. He gets a great deal of respect from me on a daily basis and I'm not saying "the boy" as disrespectful or demeaning in any way and I think he knows that.

    Now about that are the one that needs to write one or start your own blog. I don't know anyone who can write a better story than you :)

  4. first...thanks for the compliment...i still have your suggestion and will start soon...

    now, Ms. Prin...please know that i know that you respect and love "the boy"; and i also know that "the boy" is not offended by his beloved mom calling him "the boy"'s one of my family secrets...i call ALL of the boy children in my immediate family "meathead":) - this includes my son-inlaws...IT IS ENDEARING AND NOT DEMEANING they love, lovely lady, there will be no #3 and you sho will not be in any trouble with me...:)...