Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Morning Conversations...

Normally the boy and I just grunt at each other first thing in the morning until we get ready to go out the door, then it is just the usual "do you have your keys" and "is the car warmed up?" then as I go out the door "your lunch is on the table" and that's it until we get to work where we make a point of being nice to each other with "see you at four" "ok" "have a great day" "you too" and "I love you", "I love you too"

This morning however it went something like this:

7:15 the boy stumbles out of his room and all the way back to the laundry room to get his clothes out of the dryer, opens the dryer door and closes it, turns the dryer back on. Then he stops back through the kitchen to get something to drink and heads to the shower then turns around in all his cute sleepy maleness and says to me "when my clothes get done will you bring them up to me?"

Now normally this would get my feathers in a ruffle because not only does it insult that feminist who swore she would never raise a man dependent on a woman, but he knew the clothes were only in there warming up for him so he wouldn't have to put on cold wrinkled clothes in this cold house.

I think that was pushing it a bit don't you? But he was just so darn cute with his sleepy self that I just can't be mad. Besides I have just decided it must be in the genes and they just can't help it....


Of coarse then, when he got dressed, he went out into the cold and cranked the car for me so I wouldn't have to get in a cold car... :)


  1. Shoots...that's a great gesture...because YOU know that He is capable of getting his clothes from the dryer...he is also learning that's it's okay to ask for help if he needs it...and he knows that he knows that is mom will say "...hell na, you get them yourself..." if she feels put upon...keep luving your Boy, Lady...

  2. P.S. I so miss the grunts from my kids...

  3. :) see the edit. I am truly blessed with that boy and I know it!

  4. You are blessed. Happy New Year!

  5. ya see, that's what i' m talking about :)