Monday, August 6, 2007

Today I want to tell you about a pretty cool place I found. At least it's a pretty cool place for struggling students. When I first heard of it I doubted anyone could beat Amazon for cheap, quality textbooks. I was wrong. is unique in that it gives you a comparison of up to 15 different booksellers and surprisingly Amazon was not the cheapest. I was really excited to find this site since it is my last semester and I need to re-purchase some textbooks to study for the licensure exam and don't want to spend much.
It also amazed me that had upwards of 300 entries when I typed "social work" into the search bar. I found the older version of Zastrow's Understanding Human Behavior and Social Development, which is the one I used for my class, for $7.83. Amazing! Oh and in Amazon's defense this one was at Amazon. The newer version could be found at AbeBooks for $56.17.
I mention that price at Abebooks because that was one thing I found wrong with It was not a bad thing and was probably just an Abebooks updating thing but when I got to Abebooks the price that had been listed as the lowest price was wrong. There were 2 cheaper than the listed price of $61.27 and there wasn't one for the listed price of $61.27. Like I said this was not necessarily a bad thing, just a bit surprising.
Overall I found easily navigable and the only thing that bothered me other than the aforementioned price discrepancy was the way the books were listed. They were listed 10 to a page and in no particular order. If you had the ISBN number this would not be a problem. It's only a problem for those of us that like to browse and are pretty lazy about it. I would like to see an option for choosing how you want to view the list, either with all the pretty pictures or just by author/title. There are no book descriptions either. If you want a book description then you have to click the link to the site with the lowest price which is not good for a person pressed for time. I would also like to see in the future an "if you like this book then you might like these" or an "other people that purchased this book also purchased x-y-z books" section. I guess if you want that you can do it at the bookseller's site. I only mention it because my site is dedicated to saving social work students time. All-in-all it's a great time-saving site and I would recommend it to everyone out there trying to save a buck on textbooks.

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