Friday, August 10, 2007


Ok, I know I've been playing for a week or so. It's time to get back to business, school starts back in less than a week and I have to go face Algebra for the umpteenth time :(
I want to add links for the elderly and links for the homeless before school starts back. Then I think I will be finished with the different categories and I can just add to them as time goes along. I will try to add one or two to each, every week or so, but my main focus will be algebra and studying for the licensure exam. It is paramount that I finish in more financial aid...kid's grouchy...etc. :-)
It has always been my goal to give my readers/fellow students a great stepping off point. If you've been reading since the beginning then you remember I only promised you great places to start searching. I have thrown in some obscure links that you might not think of, mainly because the very discovery of their existence excited me and I thought it might do the same for you.
I will be adding the links for the elderly today. So far I've not been happy with what I found. This is not a good thing. It tells me those working with the elderly are not publishing websites with their own resources listed. You can imagine how this irks me. I did find one that I personally plan to use...regularly :) The Elder Wisdom Circle. I've taken this excerpt from their "about us" page.
The EWC is a place for people in their teens, 20's and 30's to connect with a Cyber-Grandparent for anonymous personalized advice. Elder Wisdom Circle is organized as a IRS 501(c)3 non-profit association. Most advice-seekers are 14-35 but we reply to everyone. We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area with Elders all over North America. We are one of the largest providers of personal advice anywhere. The mission of our association is to promote and share elder know-how and accumulated wisdom. We also have a goal of elevating the perceived value and worth of our senior community. FREE Advice: Our Elders can help with most any problem providing a personalized reply to each and every request. Our service is totally confidential and easy to use. To seek advice, click [ here ].
Isn't that cool! I've been reading their advice for awhile now and feel truly blessed to have stumbled on this one!
The last category I will be adding will be links for homelessness. I add it last because I've been trying to avoid it altogether. I have so many mixed feelings about the subject, having been so very close to being homeless myself and having had a husband that preferred to live under a bridge with his alcohol over his precious and beautiful son...well, I think you understand. I understand that I would be falling short of my goal to help my fellow social work students were I not to include it. So I will.
As always Happy Searching and Have a Great Day!


  1. You know algebra? Do you know about algebraic application in basic chemistry? I get everything except how to set up the equations. They gove you a formula and then you have mix it up the get the right formula and I suck at it.

    I have a 3.2 right now but quiz Monday. and final Thursday. The math is the only part I have
    trouble with. This is one of the key grades (along with chem 102-ochem and biochem, a&p 205, 206 and developmental psych which I got a 3.8 in).

    If you can help this math moron let me know.

  2. Hey, you are really putting up some great links! Hello to Janice also...she is very funny.
    I hate to hear about alcohol devestating people like that, unfortunatly I know how powerful that illness can be.
    Thank you for your comments on my post today, and let the cooler weather be "not that far away" :-)
    Talk to you later, SpeedyCat H.

  3. :) Thanks! Realistically it's about 3 or 4 more months away depending on what the nina's decide to do. 2 at least before any relief. Yeah, janice is great! even when she's po'd she's still funny.