Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Economic Stimulus-Schmimulus Package--If you really want to stimulate the economy....

--Allow adults living in the same household to file income taxes jointly, reaping the same benefits as a married couple or head of household.
--Allow an adult child over 18 that is the sole breadwinner in the home to claim a dependent parent and qualify for the earned income tax credit.
--Change the dependent child tax credit to dependent child/parent/significant other tax credit. A dependent is a dependent.
If you do these things then other things like insurance companies not allowing any dependents on an insured's policy but a child, hospital's allowing only "immediate family at the bedside of a dying patient, etc. will follow suit or at least one would have some recourse.
If your "religion" won't allow you to conceive of the notion of gay marriage then at the very least do these things.....

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