Monday, February 11, 2008

The Winehouse Grammys

Normally I just don't watch the Grammy anymore. Last night I wanted to see the cirque de solie performance which I missed watching an I Love Lucy episode. :) This morning I wish I had never left Nickelodean for Grammy. I tell you I had nightmares....realistic, gorey nightmares...the kind that make you wake up in a cold, clammy sweat, thinking you are somewhere or someone else.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I have no sympathy for alcoholics and/or junkies. I'm sorry if that offends the politically correct of you out there but, hey walk a mile in my shoes, k? I feel that if I can beat my demons then anyone can do it and an organization such as Grammy glorifying a junkie that really going to help her? Didn't her own mother beg us not to buy her records anymore so she wouldn't have the money to buy drugs with?

Watching her performance was just pitiful. As much as I have no sympathy, it still makes me want to scream, cry and tear my hair out to watch the self-destruction of an otherwise talented human being. There were times when she was getting into the groove a bit much for her tired body and I found myself praying that she would not fall. Then when she got the award she just lost it and had to be brought back to reality and told what to say by her mother. I really think it would have been better if Grammy had just let us remember her from the video when she was healthier. It would have been healthier for me anyway. I may have nightmares about this for weeks. Maybe they did it for her mother because she so obviously loves her daughter despite her problems. I just know that I could have done without that much anticipated performance. Hell why didn't they glorify Britney, with all her problems too? Didn't she have an album come out last year? I guess hers is not a heroin addiction...not glamorous enough...but then we don't really know for sure what her addiction is, do we?

Then there was Tina and Beyonce's performance. This is the first time I can remember Tina not showing those fabulous legs, but hey, she will be 70 next year and I just hope I'm still walking at 70 much less shaking the groove thang :) It appears that steroid use has surely transformed Tina's face, just as it has Cher's. When I see this it makes me wonder what is really going on with them.

When I watch Grammy, I want to see what is new. I want to see fresh faces and know what's going on now. It's great to recognize past accomplishments but geez, stop with all the old geezers already....makes me feel older than I already do.

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