Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Horrific State of Dental Decay in America

Yes, it bothers me very much that Obama and Edwards declined to comment on this article. Speaking as one who has had an abscess and had to pull it herself (I won't give you the gory details, luckily I do have training in sterile technique) because of lack of affordable or accessible dental care. I respectfully ask that you read this article: Dental Decay: the Hidden Health Crisis

These are the kinds of issues I want to see addressed by our candidates. These are the kinds of issues I want to see solutions to and funding for. I'm tired of the important issues for the basic survival of people in this country being ignored or watered down beyond recognition. Hell, Wal-Mart has single-handedly done more for the poor with their $4 prescription drug list, by providing them with affordable medications, than any recent watered down legislation. Granted, the list should be longer and more comprehensive and I wonder how much their sales have escalated overall with this list, even so it is a massive undertaking and I applaud them for their effort. In fact I'm headed over there this morning with a handful for prescriptions for us :) It is flu season, after all and Tamiflu is not available here at the moment.

Now, one last bitch about the major drug company's supposed "help" for people who cannot afford their high-priced medications and I'll stop :) I will provide you with links to each one that I have tried but know this...I have been trying to get an answer from each of them for 6 months or longer to no avail. Try it, if you want, but don't put much faith in it. I was so excited when I began this process right after my son started working and we lost all our benefits. Now, I just feel like it is a marketing ploy and I feel abused.
Here are the links:
Xubex (Proventil/Albuteral), Boehringer (Combivent/Albuterol/Ipratropium), TAP (Previcid/Lansoprasole).

K, that's it for my soapbox rave for the day :)

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