Sunday, February 10, 2008

Target and Kroger Getting on the Bandwagon with $4 Generic Prescriptions

WOO! HOO! Finally! I don't have to drive 20 minutes and fight the crowds. From what I can tell by just glancing at the list Target and Kroger have the same generic medications on their list as
Wal-Mart. To Wal-Mart's credit, I think I do remember them saying when they first came out with it that they hoped others would follow their lead. Thank-you Kroger, especially, and Target for doing so. Now if you could see your way to including an Albuterol inhaler, a Combivent inhaler and Prevacid or Nexium then I'd be set.... I know, I'm a camel :)


  1. Tell me about it, Walmart's got the albuterol inhaler but no steroid inhalers. We have a $100 deductible on prescriptions per person per year. I think asthma meds are pretty common. Come on Walmart, extend that list!! =D

  2. They have the nebulizer packs for albuterol here and the tablets but not the one that you carry around with if you have asthma then you have to stay home attached to that machine. Wait, seems like I remember seeing a .o83 solution or something like that it? I use the 90mcg and i know they sure charged me 23. for it. That is a $6 increase in the past month, an almost 10. increase in the past 4 months. When you go through 2 every month and sometimes three then it really adds up. My doctor saves me out what she can from the pharmaceutical reps but they don't bring enough for everyone. rambling this morning :)