Sunday, March 2, 2008

American Healthcare--How Many of You Out There Can Relate?

Today I am directing you to a post written by my friend KAK over at Mad Mad World dated February 23, 2008. Every time I feel myself getting a little complacent I go read the article again and know there are so many others out there taking matters into their own hands so I will once again feel passionately (get pissed off) about it. Also read Stroke with No Insurance for another example. I am wondering just how many of us have done the same things and feel the same way... It is just a pitiful shame that we can no longer afford basic health care in this country. Even if you are poor enough to qualify for Medicaid you have to jump through so many hoops to get treatment and your medications it is almost preferable to just suffer and die. Oh, and you can forget about dental care... Is it just impossible for big business to understand that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce?

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  1. I try to wake this american public and I think it is getting easier as more and more American families are sliding away from the middle class category. On one hand Wal-Mart mania is what has led to this massive social slide, I hope people are starting to see this. Wal-Mart mania is the culmination of corporate greed and greed on the part of the American citizenry. Americans think they are smart enough to have their cake and eat it too, as more and more of us realize we personally are on that slipery downhill slide maby we will wake up. Americans want cheap consumer goods and high wages for themselves, we are strangling our selves with a consumeristic greed.
    Now that Wal-Mart mania has slapped most of us in the face maby we will see a turn around in peoples attitudes that will lead to growth and prosperity for all. I for one will never set foot in a Wal-Mart.

    Anyone reading the above article, make sure you follow thru with "Stroke With No Insurance". I am a lucky American, will my luck and the luck of other average Joe's keep us healthy and safe.