Monday, March 31, 2008

Prin's Pink Diamonds

A couple of days ago I was wandering around looking for sparklie e-mail birthday cards for the boy because he loves things that sparkle. I guess he got that honest, although I do love to pick on him about it from time to time. I ran across a site that has multitudes. They also have blogger layouts. This, to me, is very cool because I don't particularly like what blogger itself has to offer. They are functional but so very boring and restrictive. I found one on this site that I love...because I love pink diamonds. I set it up but did not post to it...needed to think about what I wanted to do with it. Guess what? Google's spiders decided it was a spam blog and locked it. Now I have to wait for them to review and unlock it. This doesn't really bother me because it gives me more time to think and more time to contact people.
Lately, I have been very impressed with what I am reading, primarily from women bloggers. So, since it is a girly, girl layout and all pink and such I'm thinking of maybe having a place for female guest bloggers to come to post about their wishes, their dreams,desires, post their prose or artistic expression in whatever form we/they come up with.
Maybe this idea stems from a secret desire to have my own clubhouse. I grew up with four rough and tumble male cousins and could rough and tumble with the best of them, but the one thing they would gang up on me about was the tree guessed it...No Girls Allowed :) As mad as it made me then, I think now I probably didn't really want to be up there :) Nope, not going any further with that one.
So leave me a comment and let me know what you think, if you would like to post, if you know of anyone who would post, etc, etc.
Now I'll give you a little bit on pink diamonds...I could tell you why I changed my mind about pink but I'll save that for the ppd blog.
If you would like to read up on pink diamonds Wikipedia has some good articles....the Steinmetz is the largest cut pink diamond to date weighing in at just under 60 carats. Woo Hoo!


  1. Sounds like a great idea. Have you registered yours on Blogs by women?

    We're having a birthday tea party for my (almost) 6 year old this weekend. The color? You guessed it: pink.

  2. Finally feeling better, so hoping to get back on track with everything that's fallen to the wayside this month. I have been reading though I promise. =D You always find interesting stuff to post Prin. Good idea by the way. I am not a pink fan, though. lol