Friday, March 14, 2008

My Sweet Lord....

Edit: Deleted all but "My Sweet Lord" They were making my page load way to slow :) Hope you enjoyed it while it was up :)

It's been a long, long week. Thank you my sweet Lord for helping me get through it....

My Sweet Lord

And since I finally figured out how to share youtube videos with my faithful readers and George Harrison has been on my mind lately, I think I'll share some more :)

I feel better now :)


  1. George Harrison is the BEST! Thanks for posting these Prin! :)

  2. Your very welcome! Now that I know how, I will probably wear folks out with music videos :)

  3. You went on a binge! LOVE George. "My Sweet Lord" has always been one of my favs.....

    Moment of silence for the Silent Beatle

  4. It's I was listening to the videos and watching the pictures flow by it occurred to me that two of my three husbands looked exactly like him...eerily strange... :)

  5. Harrison was at his best in The Concert for Bangledesh(71or72?) ....The very best of Harrison was "Behind That Locked Door" from All Things Must Pass..1970...We date ourselves here.

  6. I agree with you about the concert in Bangladesh but the youtube videos weren't the best ones. I liked the different photos flipping through on the My Sweet Lord the best.