Friday, March 21, 2008


Since the banks are wreaking havoc on peoples lives these days and we might all be homeless tomorrow or next week or in a few months I thought I would share this most exquisite site with you. So if you are homeless or think you might be shortly then please go to her site and start learning how to live on the road. She will tell you things that you have not as yet imagined that you would ever need. Be sure to check out the sidebar and archives as they are well worth the read.


  1. LOL Leave it you Prin, to teach us to keep our options open if we are facing homelessness!
    I am a little confused though.....I thought strippers made a lot of money, so why would she have to live in a van down by the river?

  2. Hey, I really want to print out her entire site to use as a manual just in case I can't get to a library to read up on it if i need to! She chooses to live that way...there is an ease to's a hard life but a much freer, less constraining life....just pick up and go on down the road....sometimes, I can just get behind that notion, especially on mornings like this....

  3. OH, I LOVE Tara the Hobo Stripper. Her link is right on my blog. She's got a story, the kind we hear every day. It comes out in bits a pieces. I think she's been on her own since 16. Can't quite finger how old she is now, but I think early 20's.