Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Social Work Library@Boston College Blog

Click the title to be taken to an example of what I started out to do with my blog...what I had in mind... I would be depressed now, realizing the difference, except for the fact that my site, encompassing six separate blogs, I believe is much more comprehensive. I would just copy and paste the links I found on there and put them into the appropriate blogs here, but I believe Ms Kate Silfen deserves the credit for what she has done, so I will simply suggest that you go check it out. The blog is clean, neat, no-mess, no music, just up-to-date information that social work students at Boston College would need. There is a much similar blog done by A Sutton, the librarian at UIUC. I'm not going to include a link for her work. I wrote her a long email before spring break asking to be included on her list and she couldn't be bothered to even respond. Spiteful, I know.... :)

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