Saturday, June 21, 2008

Misogyny at it's, uh, finest? "If she's not crying by the time she walks off that court then I did not do my job"

Well, this is just what I needed (sigh) when it's Saturday night, the hot bath bubbles and glass of wine are waiting for me, the music is playing and I have the house to myself...

Please go read the article, click the title link. The email address for the tennis channel is

Please read the comments also. Here is one of the comments that was posted with additional addresses for protesting. Let's get this poor excuse for a human being removed from his job, at least.

"Please note that the Tennis Channel is sponsored by Wilson Sporting Goods (, Tennis Warehouse ( ), Tennis Court Online ( )and IMG Academies ( and Lacosta ( - contact form) to name a few. You should cc e-mails to them as well as the tennis channel."

He needs to be demolished where he his pocketbook, he obviously doesn't have anything else in there...


  1. Thanks for taking the social work mandate for political action seriously! The sponsor links are my favorite. And by the way, I totally agree with you on the apology...

  2. :) Thanks for the comment! I was getting pretty pitiful about the decrease in my traffic stats but then I realized that I am responsible for the diversion of traffic...I knew I got a lot of traffic here from blues referrals but didn't realize the hit this site would take when that traffic was diverted over to prin's blues I'm all better now :)Comments are always appreciated so Thanks again!

  3. I checked out your blues site and really like it! I'm so glad you got that started. As for commenting, I'm pretty clueless. I really started my blog without doing any research about what other social workers were out there blogging and what an electronic community might look like. I've been pleasantly surprised, but perhaps need a course in online etiquette when it come to reciprocating commments :)