Saturday, June 28, 2008

World Team Tennis Statement on Gimelstob Suspension

"NEW YORK, N.Y. (June 25, 2008) – The World TeamTennis Pro League has suspended
Justin Gimelstob of the Washington Kastles for one match without pay for a violation of the League’s Player Code of Conduct.

Gimelstob’s remarks occurred during a media appearance on a Washington D.C. area
radio show. He will be suspended for the Kastles’ home match on July 11 against the
New York Buzz.

“Justin’s remarks were completely out of line with what World TeamTennis stands for,”
said Ilana Kloss, WTT CEO/Commissioner. “World TeamTennis was founded on
respect and equality for both genders. These remarks were clearly inappropriate and
inconsistent with the values of World TeamTennis. We will not tolerate this language or derogatory remarks of this nature. There’s no place for that in either tennis or our League.”"
Media Contact: Rosie Crews, WTT ( – PH: 817.684.0366

"Billie Jean King, WTT co-founder:
“Justin Gimelstob’s comments on a recent radio show were clearly inappropriate. I fully support the action taken by WTT, as it sends a clear message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated, especially in a league that was founded on the principles of providing equal opportunities for all. I have met personally with Justin and discussed the situation and I am confident both he and WTT will move beyond this unfortunate incident.”"

You know you could get yourself all riled about the fact that you think Billie Jean King should have used stronger language or that Gimelstob should have been fired but then you come across this interview with Kournakova, interviewed by Rosie Crews, WTT's media contact:

"An interview with:
ROSIE CREWS: Good afternoon,
everyone, this is Rosie Crews with World
TeamTennis. Thank you for joining us today on
our conference call with Anna Kournikova.
I'll welcome Anna Kournikova, back for her
sixth year with World TeamTennis. We're thrilled
to have her back. This will be her first season with
the St. Louis Aces. She's going to be playing four
matches for the Aces. She'll be playing July 16th
in Newport Beach, July 18th at home for the Aces,
July 22nd against the New York Buzz, who are
now in Albany. Then on July 23rd, playing in
Washington, D.C., the home of our newest team
right in downtown D.C.
We'll take questions for Anna.
Q. I read recently in, I believe the
Washington Post, Justin Gimelstob with the
Washington Kastles, recently said some kind of
nasty things about you on a talk show. He
called you a few unmentionables, and later said
some things that made you cry during the
match and served into your body. What are
your thoughts on this tirade?
ANNA KOURNIKOVA: Well, I have no
clue. I'm kind of sorry about this, but I really don't
want to get into any of the off-court stuff. I'm just
gonna kind of take the high road and not get into
this discussion.
You know, WTT is not about those sorts of
things, it's about keeping it fun and positive, and
really the game of tennis, playing for the fans. So I
really don't want to get into any of those
discussions. I really am not paying attention to
that, and I don't want to give it any more
significance than it has already received.
Q. Why do you play World TeamTennis?
ANNA KOURNIKOVA: Well, for me, oh,
my God, there's a million reasons. It's my sixth
season playing. Obviously I'm not on the
professional tour, so for me this is the best
opportunity I can get to be on the tennis court, to
be in the match environment, to be in front of my
fans, to be just part of such a great league.
WTT is awesome. It's a perfect
environment for the fans to see singles, doubles,
and women's, mixed, everything. I mean, it
couldn't be better. I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Actually I started practicing a little while
ago and my knee started hurting. I was freaking
out completely. I was like, Oh, my God, you have
to be kidding me. But I'm glad that I'm feeling
good. I'm practicing all the time here. I'm really
looking forward to be back on the court. I love
those moments obviously. I miss playing.
But I love just now playing for fun and
really enjoying myself out there on the court..."

And...I'm just like, well, oh my God, you know, sayin'......


  1. He should have been fired. At least tarred and feathered. How do people speak this way?

  2. I agree that he should have been fired. I can think of several others who spoke in this fashion that were. What is so different about him? I do have to say that while his comments crossed the line into a violent nature after reading the Kournikova interview I did have a little more insight into what it was that was actually irritating him. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in that conference he had with Billie Jean King there was plenty of groveling going on :)