Sunday, June 8, 2008


It's Sunday afternoon and I so look forward to my Sunday afternoon nap, or you could call it a wallow. On Sunday afternoons it gets to be as long as I want it to be. I don't have to worry about supper, because nearly every good southern cook I know still cooks a big dinner on Sunday. This "dinner" lasts not only for Sunday supper but probably will provide several lunches and perhaps a supper or two throughout the week because see we don't have 13 children anymore but we were taught to cook like we do. I don't have to worry about laundry because I was a good girl and got that done on Saturday morning, like I was supposed to. So all I have to do is go in for a deep wallow like a "dead pig in the sunshine".

Before I go though the title for this post is inspired by the Midlife Gals. If you've never visited their blog, you just must go have a look-see. They are hilarious! They keep me smiling and oh so uplifted!

Shoes...I want to know if you think you have too many? Just enough? Not enough? What do the special one's mean to you? Why? I will tell you about mine after my nap when I've had a chance to think on it some :)

Ok, I have two pair of New Balance,white with pink trim, one old, that I love because I can wear them without socks, one new that I'm saving for the new job. Some pink Crocs, the kid talked me into buying and I was horrified at the time but have just about worn out. One pair of Sofft's black suede mules with 2 1/4in heels with flat bronze studs across the top that I just love because they feel like you are walking on clouds. If you've never heard of the Sofft brand, I suggest you seek them out. I got those for interviews. That's about it, as far as what I wear. I do want a pair of Birkenstock sandals one day. I love shoes and will probably have a much more extensive wardrobe once I start working :) Boy, that was a great nap!


  1. I hate even havin' to wear shoes at all. I have running shoes for the winter, and a pair of birkenstock sandals for the summer, and that's all I wear. I have various other boots, dress shoes, flipflops - for different occassions but they rarely ever see the light of day.

  2. I know what you mean, girl. I only wear shoes when I'm outside the house. The minute I'm inside the door, shoes first then bra :)

  3. Thanks for sharing!! I also have a pair of New Balance running shoes.

  4. Thanks Alice for the great links to coupon codes but, did you just spam me? LOL you must go down in my record books as the first to do this :)

  5. Wow. No stilettos in the group? I have about 12 or 13 pair of them and it's ALL I wear when I go to work: nothing less than 3" heels. LOVE them. I have 3 pair of red shoes alone: those are my current favorites. As for the days, I have a cute pair of leopard print flats that I love.

    A girl can maybe have too many pair of shoes I guess, but it's hard to get there.

  6. LOL! We were waiting on you! I agree, you can't have too many shoes...especially if you're still under 50 :) once you get to'll understand when you get there :)