Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Stuff

I have been diligently working on this site for a few days now. There has been some rearranging of the layout, hopefully for a less cluttered effect, I have added new links to the theory page and have about decided that "theory" needs it's own page. There is much contemplation going on about revamping the entire site...OMG I hope I get a job before I undertake that! Still have many "victims assistance" links that I have not done anything with as of yet. It already takes a full minute or more to scroll through everything I have bookmarked...even with folders. So, yes there is much more to come :) Have a good one and happy searching!


  1. Hi Prin,
    I've been meaning to come by and say hi - thanks for checking out my blog. Your page has so much good info and I'm sure I'll need it!

  2. Welcome :) glad you finally made it over here. I had decided you thought I must be some kind of stalker of something :) Hope you find the site useful :)