Saturday, October 25, 2008


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"Cyberquilting Goals/Objectives
Cyber quilting Cacus

2008 Allied Media Cyber Quilting Caucus

The Cyber Quilting Experiment is a project examining how the internet can be used as a resource for social justice work and movement building activities. As with the Highlander Folk School in the Civil Rights Movement, the cyber quilting experiment is to be a space where activism, cognitive engagement, and skill development intersect, equipping women of color activist and organizations with the cyber tools needed to bring about radical social change. The experiment is composed of three spatial internet components: (1) A Space to End Violence against Women of Color; (2) A Space to Envision a Better Day; and (3) A Space to do Media Justice work. Each internet space will "quilt" together artist, scholars, and activists to either create new projects or to collaborate on existing projects.

Three Spatial Components of The Cyber Quilting Experiment

The three spatial components are interconnected and complex because each component encompasses essential resources for the development of social movements: activism/contentious politics, cognitive engagement/dissidence, and skill development.

Ending Violence against Women of Color:

This spatial component creates an online space where women of color who are committed to ending violence against women of color can meet and strategize.

Envisioning A Better Tomorrow Patches: This spatial component creates an online space where women of color to use various types of art to create visions of better world.

Media Justice Center: This spatial component creates an online space where women of color will use education, activism, and alternative sources of information to work with other media justice activist to etch out what media justice is and how it can be used to help scholar, activist, artist, groups, and organization to further their social justice work.

Overall Goals of the Cyber Quilting Experiment

* To be a cyber resource center for women of color who are committed to social justice work.
* To lay the internet groundwork for future collaborations and social movement activities.
* To find creative ways to make the internet and cyber resources available for the masses.
* To develop a comprehensive database of women of color organizations, community groups, activist, scholars, and artist.
* To develop an archival space where individuals and groups can download or view "How To" (i.e. put on a grassroots fund raiser, how to stage artistic protest, how to put on a conference, etc.)
* To create internet spaces where activist can meet and talk about who they are, what is the work that they do, what would they like to see happen, and how can they collaborate to make it happen.
* To educate scholars, activist, community groups on how to use various internet technologies.
* To create a Skill Share Intergenerational Technology Protest Workshop.
* To find creative ways to make the internet accessible for individuals, communities, and groups committed to social justice (i.e. Regional/quadrant cyber houses/ libraries with internet access).
* To use video conferencing, Google groups, Google documents, movie-making websites, blogs, list serves, phone conferences, Youtube, marketing newsletters, Twitter, digital worlds (i.e. Second Life), and social networks cites (i.e. Friendster, Facebook, and Myspace) as mechanism for social justice organizing.
* To create a social networking site (i.e. Activist Facebook) for Women of Color.

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