Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Psychiatric Dog Service Society

This is one of the best things I have run across in a while.

"PSDS Mission:


To educate mental health consumers, providers, and the general public about Psychiatric Service Dogs


To empower consumers with Psychiatric Service Dogs to advocate on their own behalf
To assist the legal community in advocating for the rights of Psychiatric Service Dog handlers
To help 'gatekeepers of public access' understand their obligations under the law
To partner with other mental health organizations in advocating for our rights


To document efficacy of Psychiatric Service Dog partnerships
To understand how Psychiatric Service Dogs are being used and by whom
To identify Psychiatric Service Dog teams 'best practices'
To establish inclusion/exclusion criteria for prospective Psychiatric Service Dog handlers
To identify training strategies that work well with mental health consumer populations
To identify barriers to Psychiatric Service Dog team success

Training Facilitation

To assist professional dog trainers in learning how to train a Psychiatric Service Dog
To develop a nationwide resource of qualified Psychiatric Service Dog trainers
To connect mental health consumers to a Psychiatric Service Dog trainer in their area
To connect Psychiatric Service Dog consumers with each other for peer support"


  1. Well! Were we on the same wavelength today or what?

  2. This is timely! I can tell you as someone who often has to advocate for new and alternative methods of therapy for the people I work with this would be a doozy of a fight to get funded. I only just barely convinced the powers that be that respite care for the disabled is NOT a luxury and that hippotherapy (therapeutic horse back riding) DOES have health benefits that can't be matched through more traditional therapies. I'm going to look further into this one! Thanks! :)

  3. there are some other links on the page to check into. i know funding would be a bitch but i also know that if i had been given a dog in my darkest hours then i would have been able to get over it much easier than i did. hell i still think i could benefit from one attuned to my depression :)

  4. I think it sounds like a wonderful idea. I'm sure that animal companionship helps. There is something about unconditional love, I'm sure.. thanks for sharing.. very interesting stuff!