Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Links and videos to get you ready for your debate drinking game :)

Rules for tonight's debate drinking game

Thanks Kiterea for emailing me these priceless links!

Rednecks for Obama

Now for some videos to get you ready, especially if you just don't think you can sit through another debate. Just remember the dream and watch it anyway :)

Yes We

Anthem for Obama

American Prayer--Great!

There's another version with Beyonce, Bono, the Edge and Dave Stewart here

We Are the Ones

k, go have fun!


  1. I can't believe I completely forgot about the debate! We've been getting audited at work and I was exhausted when I came home so I fell asleep!! Not only did I miss the debate, I missed the fun drinking game! Awww no fair!!! :(

  2. it's ok, i sat down to watch it and about fifteen minutes in fell dead asleep and didn't wake until after the news so i totally missed it too :)