Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Best Post I've Read on AIG Al Week

Normally I read Crooks and Liars, The Daily Bail and AMERICABlog to keep me up to speed on all things "bailout" and the news world in general. Today I was bored and a bit lonely because the boy is on his first "road trip" with eight other boys (way more undisciplined than him) so I was wandering about the blogosphere.

I found this commentary by Richard Blair over at All Spin Zone "Lennon/McCartney Address the AIG Concern Trolls" Although I'm not quite sure why they have pictures of Ann Coulter all over their home page and it is funny that when you click on the Ann Coulter pictures there is a "page not found" error that comes up, go have a read :)

Oh, shoot I haven't thrown my tomatoes at AIG yet today...must go do that :)

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