Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Am Too Old For Zits!

I thought the one good thing about getting older was the teenage zit phase was long gone. Apparently, I was mistaken. I could swear that my aunt (the only one in the family with oily skin, like me) told me, not only that I would be glad I had that oily skin when I got older (when?) but, that as I got older the zits would clear up and go away never to be seen again. She lied to me and I'm pissed about it. The only time in my life I can remember not having a zit somewhere was when I was on birth control pills. That was an awesome time in my life, except for the fact that birth control pills also acted as fertility pills for me and every time I got off them I got pregnant.

Anyway I have five zits on my face and have had the same five zits on my face for at least a month now. I have washed. I have cleansed. I have creamed. I have used steaming hot water face cloths on them. I have walked around here with big, cracked white masks on my face. I have consumed gallons of water. Yesterday I even took the pumice heel scrubber to the dead skin around them, thinking that if I got rid of the dead skin then they would heal. Silly me. Granted, my face is as smooth as a baby's, but the-zits-are-still-there.

Thinking about birth control pills reminds me of the triage nurse in the emergency room during my last visit. For the first time someone actually used that dreaded word in reference to my general state of being "menopause" Aaaccckkk! It wasn't that she used the dreaded word, she just wrote it down on my chart without giving a second thought to the devastating effect it would have on me :) I'm sure she assumed I already knew I was in menopause. I know how old I am and I know a couple of years ago I had to swallow my pride to go get the bifocals and I know my hair gets more gray in it everyday, but menopause??? My bones are still strong, I don't have hot flashes and the puss hasn't dried up yet, so in my mind I am not in menopause. I refuse to believe I have to go on hormone therapy to get rid of some zits. I-just-refuse.

Ok, that's my rant for the day....I'm going to wash my face...again...

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