Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Middle School Vocabulary


Ok, this is turning out to be one of my most linked to posts...and it was just a rant. It's right up there with "fried cornbread" So even though I don't understand how people are landing here because I'm not on google's first page of listings for "middle school vocabulary" I feel obligated to provide you links to what you are really looking for...

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There are great tools here!

101 Middle School Vocabulary Words from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Vocabulary Improvement Resources for Parents, Students & Professionals sets

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Recently I was accused of having only a middle school vocabulary and it was suggested that I increase said vocabulary starting with children's books. Growing up I don't think I ever read a single "children's" book. We read Tolstoy, Sarte, Hemingway, Faulkner and the like in my house. When I was thirteen I tested at third year college level for reading and vocabulary.

When I had the boy I managed to keep my sanity through all the chaos by reading to him every children's book I could get my hands on. We loved Dr. Seuss the most, but we read everything from The Chronicles of Narnia, the Beatrix Potter series, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, we loved the Indian in the Cupboard and the Velveteen Rabbit, just to name a few.

My accuser doesn't know my history and only passed ever so slightly through here long enough to get ammunition to use against me to justify their own shortcomings. The whole thing is just sad.

It's sad that I didn't take Reas's word for it that the post made her angry and just leave it at that. I should have and I will from now on. :)

It's sad that I freely admit to only having a middle school vocabulary now and believe me I'm grateful for it. I think I do alright with what I have, considering what I went through. There was a time when I couldn't speak or write at all. I'm grateful the vocabulary loss is the only noticeable result of that terrible time in my life.

But the saddest thing of all is what I read that made me speak up with all my middle school vocabulary would allow me at that moment. What I read was a post from an ER nurse that was so filled with hate and racism I can not even link you to it for fear you will go read it. If you feel you must, go to Reas's page and you can find it there. Instead of blaming the system where the blame should be, she blamed the victim. It was also sad the number of comments she had that totally agreed with her and along with bashing me, invited me to take a walk on their side and then see how I felt.

I don't have to take that walk. I've lived it. I've lived with the disdain from doctors and nurses in the ER that write off the very idea that you might have any semblance of intelligence simply because you don't have insurance and have nowhere else to go to be treated. I've lived with "free" clinics that are filled beyond capacity and I have lived with being treated about as well as cattle going to slaughter.

What is not sad is that somewhere along the way I did manage to come across doctors and nurses and therapists with compassion and an understanding for me and my situation and they treated me with respect despite my circumstances. For these practitioners I will be forever grateful because were it not for them I would not have pulled myself out of the battered wife with a newborn syndrome. It was their strength of character and their compassion that made me believe there was light at the end of the seemingly endless tunnel.

I know I would be dead by now and so would the boy if all we had encountered were judgemental, biased, racist practitioners.

So I say to them...Take a look at how you really feel...maybe it's time to get out of the ER and go to a less stressful area of the hospital...maybe wherever it is in your hospital that the "insured" go.


  1. Oh Prin. What a bunch of ignorant mules they are. I cannot believe the post and the responses but I'm applauding you. Of course, anyone who spends time actually reading what you write would be fully aware that you have an excellent writing style and that blog post is hardly an indication of anything that resembles intelligence. It is all very well being 'cynical' but showing such a lack of compassion and honestly, dignity, shows far far worse on the so-called author of that tawdy piece than it does on you.
    Good for you for speaking up. I was going to respond but honestly, it isn't worth the time I would spend on it. You are a million times the better person for it.

  2. Thanks, cb, I needed that. I can always count on you for support :)

  3. Prin, I would much rather talk to someone who is willing to speak on my level than someone who tries to use big words to impress me or make themselves feel superior. You always write clearly, and intelligently, and are a kind, compassionate woman. Who gives a F*** what those morons think?

  4. Wow. That's all I can I just read that blog post and the responses. I'm dumbstruck. And angry. And don't even know what to say to that except who the hell does that nurse think she is?

  5. Yikes...that last comment was me, Mary! I still can't post on your blog for some reason unless I choose "anonymous"??? Whats with that?

  6. I saw that interchange via the link on Reas's site...very sad that an ER nurse has that mentality...very sad for you to be attacked.

  7. LOL oregonamy :) in all fairness I attacked her first...

    there's more to the story too. she sent her cronies over first to dr. rob's and then she came herself. y'all should go read the difference in her vocabulary when she was butt kissing him :)

  8. mary, try signing in to your blog firstor your google account and then commenting here. i've had problems too on other blogger sites. blogger is funny like that.

  9. It really makes me feel good to know that there are people like that so called nurse who might some day be in charge of my care, or a loved one's. It's damn sickening. How's that for middle school vocab?

  10. you're so funny heather :) glad everything came out alright so far at the lawyer's.