Thursday, January 31, 2008

The A A D D is in Overdrive this Morning!

During times of stress I've noticed my AADD kicks into overdrive, so this post will be a testament to that. Please be kind. :)

Did you notice the Finetune player has a new look? I think I need to make another playlist and separate the blues from the other "50-something" music I have on there.

Well, it looks as though John McCain will be our next president. Once again, the Democrats have not only started the infighting but have not provided us with a viable, electable candidate. crap. The only one they had that might have gotten a crossover or undecided vote in my opinion was John Edwards. So what if he spent $400 on a haircut. I never saw a problem with that and thought it was really pitiful the media picked up on it instead of his message about poverty in the United States. Please go here to read a very good article on what we lost when John Edwards decided to no longer run. Out of all the candidates he was the only one to give me any kind of warm and fuzzy feeling...the kind that makes you feel relief and feel like maybe it will be alright, after all. The rest of them just make me cringe to think who they will sell out to or have already sold out to.

Everyone should go here and sign up for AlterNet, a great source of information without the usual media slant.

I think I forgot to tell all of you blues lovers out there, Alex over at A Copywriter's Blues has posted several YouTube Videos of KoKo Taylor. Awesome!!! You rock Alex! I'm trying to get KoKo to accept me as a friend on MySpace and told her about you too. She's probably pretty busy so it might be awhile before I hear anything. I'll let you all know when it would be such an honor!

Most of my readers know I live with ten cats...yep that's me, the cat lady. :) I don't know what it is about me, my son, or our home that attracts animals but it's always been that way and ever since my son was born it's almost like there is a double dose of animal whammy surrounding us. We have had as many as 13 dogs, 5 cats, 3 raccoons, 2 armadillos and countless squirrels at one time. I feel somewhat blessed to only have ten cats and a couple of raccoons in the attic now. :) Anyway today it is raining and they are ALL(except the raccoons) inside! Geez, can't even take a step without running into a cat. God, I wish they would take a nap. :)

I don't remember if I posted about my longtime online friend Keltic. We met years ago when we were both trying to make a living autosurfing. That was a bust for me but anyway we stayed friends and now she has recently started two blogs of her own. KelticKaos that cracks me up and KelticCron that chronicles her finds as she starts her weight loss journey. Both of these are worth your perusal.

Besides the blues, I love Southern rock...probably because it is so influenced by the blues and I am, after all, Southern :) The reason this comes to mind is that Little Feat/Dixie Chicken is playing on the Finetune player as I'm writing this post. I sure miss them. I also miss The Amazing Rhythm Aces, Delaney and Bonnie and Commander Cody. Imagine my surprise when I went searching for links and found that most of them are all still around, doing their thing! Cool! Now if they would only come on down South and pay us a visit! Wouldn't that be an awesome concert!!!

Oh, almost forgot, thanks Ron, Keltic, Alex and Dolphin for getting me through it with the many daily emails! They were much appreciated!

K, that's about it for today. Ya think I need to go dig out the Straterra? :)

Have a Great Day and as always Happy Searching!!!


  1. You are most welcome, sweet lady. Glad things are going better! Give those kitties a scratch under the chin for me. I am still feeding the little stray that's outside, but she won't let me near her.

  2. just be patient...try to get a little closer each time you feed her. eventually you can snatch her up and bring her in if you want to. she may prefer to be wild though, some of them do. the father of most of mine would come in long enough to eat and piss everyone off then his duty was done and back out he went :)