Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yet Another Miracle :)

Since the day I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful and wonderful son I've known that I was forgiven for my worst sins, having abortions, and from that point on I would get my miracles when I really needed them. The child has been my greatest miracle since the day he was born. I don't know why I doubt that they will come and do doubting stuff like post about my situation and throw it out into cyberspace.
I am sorry for worrying my readers, but I am truly grateful for all the warmth and support that has been shown to me over this past week. Thanks also for taking the time to post on your own blogs to try to get us the help we needed. That was a wonderful thing to see and gave me the warm and fuzzies like I haven't felt in quite some time. :)
This post will be short, as I am still a bit drained by court and running around like crazy trying to get everything together. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have a bank check in my purse this morning that is going to the management company as soon as they open that will pay my rent through February. Oh, and there is enough money in the bank to allow me to take my test as soon as I can get the application process done. There is even some left over. :)
My son got his W-2 early (the miracle) so we were able to file and go for the RAL (refund anticipation loan) thus allowing us to have the money in time to tell the judge that we would have it in two to fourteen days, which he was fine with.
It never ceases to amaze me how people change their entire attitude when they get in front of a judge. The woman from the management company that had been such a bitch to me in November was all nicey nice and cooperative when she was in front of the judge....
Court was a hoot by the way. I recommend it to anyone that needs a laugh. Any court in the south is a hoot, except maybe criminal prosecutions. Traffic court is especially funny. Traffic court in Atlanta is the most fun you will ever have! At least for those of us that love to people watch :)
Have a great day and as always Happy Searching!


  1. Good to hear that things are looking up a bit - a really heartening post.

  2. Thanks, Mal! I left a comment for you on your blog.

  3. Great news Prin!

    Sounds like a great start for 2008 :)