Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ok, Here It Is...We've Known It Was Coming...

Oh, God, this is hard to do....

Please see the post from December 1st for more details.

The court date for the eviction notice is set for Monday. We will probably have 5 days after that before we are on the street. Since I don't have a clue what else to do, I'm throwing it out there to cyberspace. If you have any spare change in your PayPpal account you don't need please consider sending it through PayPal to . We need, according to the landlord, $1650.00. This is not right but how do you argue with a management company that has filed the court papers? Or a judge? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We would even consider a $2000 reasonable loan arrangement. Half could be paid back in less than a month, the rest monthly over the course of 6 months.

Also, if anyone knows of a social work related position that might consider a social work student that has finished her coursework but not taken the test ($220) or actually received her degree (June '08) in Jackson, MS, then this information would be greatly appreciated since I've already been everywhere I can think of. I will take secretarial work, hell, even janitorial work, to be in the social work environment...

OK, that's it. Thanks for the consideration..... If you wish to contact me please do so at the prinpronisse@gmail address. Thanks again.


  1. Hey Prin ..

    I'm so sorry to hear about this.

    I don't have anything in Paypal but do have $5 in Alert Pay and can give you $10 via STP.

    PM me at ACC with your acct info at these two places if you're interested :-)


  2. Thanks, Dolphin! Also thanks for the widget!

  3. Denise, please keep us all informed on your situation. We love you and we all care about you!


  4. Thanks AAA, Dolphin and Keltic for the great posts on your blogs! Means so much to me :)