Sunday, January 6, 2008

Link to My Site...Correctly, Please!

If you want to put a link to my site on yours, please do. It is a great honor to me and I appreciate it very much. My only request is that you link with the proper name of this site, Prin's Links for Social Work Students. If you rename the site it does not help my search engine optimization or my page rank and these things are important to me.

I understand that some of you are just getting started with your own blogs and might not know about such things and they are not important to you...yet. Believe me they will be. It is a wonderful thing to watch your little labor of love rise in the search engines, watch your Technorati authority rise from 6 to 17, and to discover that you have a page rank of 3 :) These things are important to me not because I have ever made a dime from this site but because it lets me know what the cyber-world thinks of my blog. Besides if you are a social work student then it borders on the big P word if it isn't documented/linked to correctly and I've already had issues with that word. (see archives, November, 24, 2007)

Again, please feel free to link here, I am honored that you think highly enough of Prin's Links to do so. As always, Have a Great Day and Happy Searching!


  1. OK, sorry! (he hee)

    Hello from Speedcat, long time no see. Have a great week!!!

  2. OK - I changed your link. Good luck with Technorati. If you are interested in a HUGE link meme coming up, let me know. It should increase page rank by at least 50 (really)