Sunday, May 18, 2008

Crow :)

This always happens...every time I get even the least bit "uppity" in my thoughts or my actions then the Lord decides to show me the error of my ways.

Yesterday, I went to the mailbox expecting the usual onslaught of bills we can't pay. You can imagine my surprise to find a check from Clickbank...a whopping $13.80. The last time I checked the stats I had almost $27 in there. I guess they needed those $1.00 monthly fees for 6 months and the $7.50 to cut me a check before they could send out the check. Anyway that's not the point. The point is that I opened my mouth big and stuck my foot in there all the way to my tonsils :) going on and on about the retired social worker that had monetized her blog and how I would never do such a thing :) The Lord had to remind me that I did put some things on my blog to possibly make money on with this blog. There are a couple of things in the "Helping Products" section when, if purchased, I will receive a commission, and I do after all have the adsense ads on here...which is really a running joke and I really should remove them.

OK, Lord, here it is...I am truly sorry for having been so vehement about another person's blog. After all, if a woman has devoted over 30 years to social work and wants to share her experience with the rest of the world and also supplement her retirement with a little change from it, then who am I to judge? I'm sure she earned the right to do with it whatever she pleases. I am sorry for doing that and to make up for it I am going to share with my readers the full name of her blog and the proper link to it and will truly hope she gets some traffic from here and makes some change from that traffic. Social Work World. I am linking to the resources page because that is what I'm all about, after all :) Social Work World can also be found in the sidebar along with some other social work blogs that I have recently had the pleasure of finding, Fighting Monsters and Blue Jean Social Work.

Aah,'s a wonderful thing :)

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