Thursday, May 15, 2008

Well, Hell.........

Deep subject, I know :) I'm trying to find something to get my spirits up, as this has been the week from, you guessed it, hell. It seems that it just gets worse. Last weekend and all this week have been one crap day after another. My best friend's daughter died on Sunday. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor somewhere around two. She lived to be 31 and had been unable to care for herself since she was 18. Keisha was born on Easter Sunday and died on Pentecost Sunday. If there ever was a special child it was Keisha. The outpouring of support for Keisha and her family was just amazing. I have to take this time to thank her for allowing me to get to know her and for getting me back inside the church. I thought I would rather die myself than go back there. Some things you just have to get over, bite the bullet and do it. Seems as though I'm breathing lead from all the bullets I've bitten this week. I thank you, Keisha for making me realize what is important in this world, supporting your friends when they need it, going to mass, taking a bath everyday, actually putting on street clothes, full face makeup and going out in the world. I feel as though I am a better person for having done those things and I feel a little less guilty today about the kitties.

Now getting to the "Well, Hell" part. Most of you know that it was never my intention to make money from this blog. Most of you also understand that this goes way deeper than my benevolence. I have just never cared about money and so this is proabaly why I will never have any :) A few days ago I ran across a blog that insulted what I have here to it's very core. But yet, I have to say that I bet she is making a killing off of it, for it is monetized in every way that you can monetize a social work blog. Please don't think I'm jealous, because I'm not. It insults me, plain and simple. But yet she has been online half the time that I have and well, hell, here's a list of her stats:

Total 252,008
Avg. per day 235
Avg. visit length 2:25
Last hour 12
Today 52
This week 1643

Now, here's mine:

Total 2464
Avg. per day 8
Avg visit length 2:15
Last hour 0
Today 4
This week 57

K, so I am taking into account that school was basically over this month and I never have as much traffic when school is out. But still...I'm just sayin :) Maybe I should just monetize the hell out of this blog? Nope, then I could never come here again...I would have to be away, spending all that evil money :) Seriously, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't social work supposed to be about helping without consideration of our own gain? I guess I'm just being idealistic and believe me I do realize that it does take money to live. It's just that something about this irritates me to my very core.

If you want to go see it for yourself, go have a look here. It is quite impressive.

You might want to check some of my other pages, I've been adding new links lately. I'm also working on a new section for supporting victims of violent crime and their families. Look for that in a few days.

That's it for today...have a good one and as always Happy Searching!

Oh, one more thing...Would someone please go tell the preacher and governor that gathered the multitudes on the steps of the Capitol in Georgia to pray for rain last year to please get his multitudes together again to make it stop or at the very least to give us time to soak it all up and repair the damage before starting again....Geez those must have been some mighty powerful prayers :)


  1. LOL I agree on the powerful prayers! We're drowning up here in Ohio too! In fact, the farm I buy my produce from was supposed to start giving it out this weekend, but had to delay it another week. I kept saying let it rain, so we'd get plenty of produce, and now this! =D

    You know, I don't have ads on my blog either. Not because I wouldn't like to make some money on it, but because like you, I am not blogging for the money. Sheesh, I don't really think I'd make a whole lot anyway. And the blog site is free, so not costing me anything.

    And finally, I'm sorry you lost someone you care about, and I'm sure lately it has seemed like a lot on your shoulders all at once. You've been through worse though, and are a very strong person.

  2. I've seen her blog before...I don't have a strong opinion about it way way or the other. If she is making money, and that's OK, I bet it's not as much as you think.

    As for social work, I think the essence of the profession is social justice issues, not necessarily helping "without consideration of our own gain." There's a big difference.

    Hang in there, Prin. You have some great links on your site!

  3. I think that the site you have is very useful and interesting and (as I say at work sometimes.. so forgive me for the lecturing!) it is better to look at what you have than what others have as you will always find people with more but there are always those with a lot less looking up at you and thinking the same :)

    (and thanks for the link - the reason I added your site is for exactly those reasons detailed above - it's interesting, useful and has a strong sense of being and humanity :) )

  4. Thanks Heather for the hug...Reas for the correction :) and CB for the direction! I'm about to have to go do a post on eating crow though :)

  5. I'm sorry for your friend's and your loss. You know me, I believe Keisha is in a much better place. :)