Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Update on the Kitties...

Yesterday when I went to the pound to drop off the cats I knew that the bitch probably had Spit already in her trap because she didn't come when I called her. So I told them they would probably be getting a call to come back out there to pick her up. I called them later when I got home, I can't remember why now but they told me that I had left my cat carrier and that yes, she had just called for a pick up. So I asked them to bring me a form for Spit and asked if they would please bring my cat carrier too. Well they didn't come until almost 4 when I was supposed to be on the way to get my son from work, so I had to turn around to go fill out the form and get the cat carrier. Bitch was out there just a smilin' and being so righteous. I pulled right up into her driveway :) to talk to the pound guys and managed to ignore her. They told me that they had already called the "cat lady" to come pick them up. The cat lady lives about 30 miles outside of town on a farm. I'm not sure of her facilities but I hope to find out because I know she has other cats of mine and would like to go volunteer to help out. It is the best I could have hoped for, for them. It will be kind of like a retirement/group home for them. It makes me feel considerably better. My son and I both were hoping that's where they would end up.

So now, on to what to do about the animal trapping bitch. I'm thinking that the only things that I have seen her care about are her yard and her car (cat prints on that precious car are what started the whole thing). Since I would get in real trouble doing something to her brand new car...but oh, how I want to, I'm thinking salt at the roots of all her pretty flowers, right before a big rain so it would sink and disappear. What I want to do is spell out "cat killing bitch" in salt across her yard, so nothing will ever grow there again. Or filling that room where she keeps the trap with large big, scary mean rats, so when she goes to check on the trap she will get a surprise of her own. Or, filling her garage with brown recluse spiders (indigenous to this area). Or I could make a sign on plywood and 2 by 4's with florescent paint and put it up in my yard with an arrow pointing to her house that says "heartless, cat killing bitch" on it. Maybe I could rent one of those signs that you arrange your own letters on that you can plug in (do they still make those?). I want her to have to look at it at night, in fact I want it to glow so brightly it keeps her up at night.

God, that felt good. Which one would you choose? I won't do any of it but it sure did feel good to blog about it :)


  1. I'd steal her damn trap. She may know it's you but as long as no one sees you do it, she can't prove it was you. Feel free to eat this message (or just delete it) if you decide to do it.

  2. nope, not going to take the trap. thought about it but i think it belongs to the city so... anyway i'm hoping since she doesn't have any more cats to get that the raccoons will start going in there and she can get rid of them for the entire neighborhood.