Tuesday, May 27, 2008

KoKo Taylor's IRS Blues

*Please see the edit at the end of this post*

I hesitate to tell you to click the title link for the story because it was so obviously written by a non-blues lovin', disrespectful, a**, that never even heard her music, except for maybe Wang, Dang, Doodle at some stupid frat party when he was in college. Oh, he stated the facts as he interpreted them, but he never felt her music down deep in his soul. The comments were even worse. So what if she has hidden some assets? $2000 a year in royalties for a lifetime of work is nothing. Everyone knows how the record companies scammed the artists when she was coming along.

I think there should be an age limit on the IRS. Say, if you are "80" then you can't be prosecuted or persecuted.

So here is what I propose we do about it. As soon as my friend Keltic gets back to me with the name of the site then I will be putting up a widget where we all can make donations to help KoKo with her IRS problems through Paypal. I feel like we owe her to at least try to help, if for no other reason than a deep appreciation for all the soul soothing that she has given us throughout the years. Maybe we'll call it 29 Ways to tell the IRS to "Shove It". Please pass this along and/or put the widget on your site too. Not sure if that can be done but we should be able to do it...I'll have to check it out. Thanks.

Oh, almost forgot...the date on the ChipIn thingy says May 26th but does not say May 26th, 2009. I can only leave it up for a year. :)


I have deleted the ChipIn widget for KoKo Taylor's IRS contributions to a Pledgie widget. Pledgie seems to be easier to maneuver around and easier to get the code to add to your own site if you want. Thanks


  1. It looks like you already found the chipin widget there, Prin. =D

  2. Let's forget the widget and talk about the MUSIC! :D


  3. Sounds like a great idea to me. I had not heard that KoKo Tayler had trouble with the IRS. She just recently got over some really bad health problems.

  4. Don't know if you got my last comment, but I will write something about this soon. I plan on directing traffic to your widget. Thanks for spreading the news.