Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Blues Page

I've been neglecting the blues page this month, so I felt like Stevie Ray this Sunday morning. Go have a listen... :)


  1. WOW... look at all the blogs you have created!

    Great idea Prin, once they all get some PR you should end up with a 'powerful' litle network here!

    I'm thinking about putting my video blogs up for sale btw. From what I can tell they might be worth 2 or 3 hundred each on auctions.

  2. ooo, good luck with it. I hope they're worth millions! :) i've been toying with getting someone to take over the research for this blog or re-designing it completely, ARGH! but then I don't think I could ever sell my "adopted child" or trust it to someone else's care so I guess I'm stuck with this little labor of love :)