Thursday, August 28, 2008

Preparations for a Hurricane...Here We Go Again...sigh...

**update* if you click the "home" link at the bottom of this post it will take you to all the recent updates I have and also live traffic feeds of highways 55 South and 49 South near Jackson and on the coast.**

I said I wasn't even going to watch the news until Sunday because I heard Gustave would not make up his mind until about then but people are already freaking out and getting ready and it's all over the news so I've prepared a hurricane package for you, just in case you need it.

If you think you will get a hotel room in Jackson, Mississippi think again, you will have to go further north than 150 miles for a hotel room. We are planning on opening the Coliseum which can house 1000 people, maybe more, and the good thing about the Coliseum is that it's on the fairgrounds and can also house animals in the equine center. Here is a list of what all we could house. Oh, and if I already know you through this blog I could possibly put around 4 people up. We have two hotel sofa sleeper mattresses that you could sleep on. It won't be luxury but would be a roof over your head. Oh, and I cannot guarantee power here and you would have to bring your own blankets and pillows and preferably no animals although I could probably be persuaded :)

There is a hurricane toolkit in the sidebar but that is mostly for after the hurricane. Most of you that live in hurricane areas already know what to do but just in case you don't:

Family Disaster Plan
Supply Kit
Have a Place to Go
Secure Your Home
Have a Plan for Your Pet

and just in case you are thinking about riding it out, here's a reminder of what you might have to deal with...

This one breaks my heart...not that it all didn't break my heart but Waveland was such a beautiful, architecturally maintained sleepy small southern town and it was just pretty much wiped off the map...

Almost three years to the day is not a very long time to rebuild from devastation...let's all start praying now and maybe he'll fade away and slide off into the Yucatan...not to wish it on them, but I'm just sayin...


  1. My mother's family had a camp in Waveland years ago. I used to go there as a kid all the time. We always had so much fun. I was really sad when Katrina devastated it.

    Hope Gustave misses you!

  2. You certainly have all my thoughts and prayers.