Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Page and Other Stuff's me...remember me? I have been all about business on and with this page for so long I know you have missed me :)

So, this is what I've been up to...

Created a new page this morning just for my university's school of social work. Men with Pens would be proud, I suspect. Except for the font...sorry, MWP I changed it on here 'cause you said it was hard to read and there is much stuff on here to read but I have to have it somewhere. I use Georgia normally by default. It is a silent tribute to my son who was born in Georgia and his love for the University of Georgia Bulldogs. I'm not going to do the rah-rah here because I need my sanity for a little while longer and there's plenty of time for that later. Luckily, Jackson State doesn't play them in football or we would have blood and guts all over this house during that game :).What was I talking about? oh, yeah, the new can see it here. Nothing fancy or all involved but(snerk)it does link to this page :)

Now on to the other stuff. This is not a pleasant topic for me and really hard to write about but I learned a long time ago to not hold stuff in to the point it festers and I explode. When I do, it is never pretty and I am always the one suffering the most from the consequences. So I have removed my sitemeter, my lover, my entertainment, my distraction from the real world. Why, you ask?

It was creeping me out when someone would come to my site in excess of 10 times a day and click my sitemeter tab. Not every time but most times. This became an obsession with me and I ended up with the hair on the back of my neck stiff from being at attention the entire day. Why would it creep me out? Because I don't understand why someone would want to know my stats that many times a day. I freely share them with my readers from time to time anyway. I realized the widget allowed anyone to not only go to my stats page but also allowed them to go to my details page. The details page tells me where you came from, where you live or where your browser lives, how many pages you visited and what you clicked on to leave. Someone else besides me being able to see all that personal information about my precious readers was just not acceptable to me. I can put my life out there but I don't have the right to put my readers lives out there for anyone to use as they see fit. I really thought it was a fluke and the person would tire of it and move on, but it continued and seemed to be a never-ending thing. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. *Edit* Now that I've had time to think about it I suppose I should thank my cyber-stalker for bringing it to my attention..........

So anyway, I removed it and went with Google analytics and believe me I won't be having any love affair with G-A. It reminds me of the chairman of the board type, round spectacles, corn cob up his a** know the type. It is very thorough though I have to admit. It doesn't really give me real time, where you came from, what you clicked on and where you went stats though. Maybe it just needs more time to do it's thing. Besides I always have MyBlogLog for that even if I do have to wait a day for it. Speaking of MBL. I have a contact request yesterday from someone that publishes...I quit counting at 57...different blogs! Boggles the brain :)

K, so that's it for today, I'm going to straighten up the kitchen my boy cleaned spotless for me yesterday (so I would cook chili!)then take a short nap and then hit the books again :) Have a great day!


  1. I don't know much about sitemeter but is there any way you can make it invisible on your site? I use statcounter and I get a bit curious about where some of my links come from but my stats are password protected to me so I don't think anyone else can see them.
    The resource page looks really good!
    (and I don't really understand how MyBlogLog works apart from having signed up for it! )

  2. James Chartrand - Men with PensAugust 6, 2008 at 12:18 PM

    Men with Pens is proud.

    (ppsst... Make that "post a comment" link BIG. I almost couldn't find it!)

  3. there you go...making me mess around with that gut-wrenching html stuff again :) is that better? started to leave it at 200% then I'd know you could see it :) then I thought... nah, better not :)

  4. That's why I took site meter off my site...WAY too much information available for others to see. I do like the fact that it's thorough, but if you're trying to maintain any kind of anonymity, forget it.

    I guess I can use different settings though, which I didn't know.