Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mr. Farty and Helena Writes

I've added a couple of new hilarious blogs to the blogroll, go check 'em out :)

Mr. Farty

Helena Writes


  1. Hi Prin,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and adding it to your list. Glad you like it!
    Found that old Richie pic on Google Images, I think. Wasn't he a darling back in those days? :-)

  2. yep, too bad he's been rode hard and put up wet for all these years :)

  3. hey Prin, you still there or did you evacuate as well?

    Reas--Sunday night

  4. yeah, i'm still here. it's eerily quiet here right now (11:30 pm sunday) we're expecting winds of 65 to 70, hopefully that's about it. if it stays on its track it will miss jackson for the most part. all we'll get is the heavy rain and subsequent floods :) I can deal with that, it's when it goes to hacking down trees and throwing live wires all over the place that i get freaked out. hell, we're not even completely cleaned up from the april 4th storm that was worse for us than katrina as far as damage went. i'll keep updating the post whenever i know something :) thanks for asking :)

  5. Apparently hospitals in MY town are getting evacuees from New Orleans. I got a fair warning call tonight that things might be crazy for us, but nothing thus far.

    Hang in there!

  6. All is well here - very cloudy and gusty, but no 70 mph wind or power outages yet. Woo hoo!

  7. yeah, it's hardly even raining here...coarse we have an extra million or so population this morning :) my son's hotel called him a 6 this morning, frantic, just to make sure he was coming in, geez...let the boy get some rest without buggin him, of coarse he's coming in :)