Friday, August 29, 2008

It's happening again...

It's happening again...people are searching for social work links, finding my blog and immediately clicking off because all they see is the first post and don't know to follow the sidebar down to see what is offered. Men with Pens said what I had up there telling new searchers where to go and what all was included in this blog was crap. It really gets on my nerves when a totally new person, say from a social work program at a university, really needing what I have on here, just thinks it is a regular blog with everyday posts on it. I can't deal with it right now as I'm being evicted with no notice, in the middle of an impending hurricane, so I'm up for suggestions. Hell I'm just at a actual words would be nice...I'll credit you for your creation :) Just someone please tell me what to put up there to make people find what they need on this blog...

In the meantime I'm reposting part of my very first post that states what I wanted for this blog in the beginning...

In doing my coursework I have managed to save nearly every link I searched for, dug through 15 pages of search engine crap for and just plain stumbled on. My hope is to save social work students from having to go through that very same time-consuming agony. The plan in saving all these links was to share it with student colleagues at my own university. Then I changed computers and operating systems so now the floppy that was formatted for word doesn't work on the new computer. This blog is a better way to go. The links will be here permanently and they can be shared with everyone! Yea!


  1. James Chartrand - Men with PensAugust 29, 2008 at 7:31 PM

    Make a nice tagline that tells people what this site is about, what it offers and what they'll get so that they see it at a glance.

    Take your mission statement and use that:

    Social work links to save you time-consuming agony.


    Alternatively, change your template to one that offers a navigation bar. (Probably not doable on Blogger; not sure) That would solve all your problems.

    Chin up. This too shall pass.

  2. James obviously much more experienced and knowledgeable than me about the nitty-gritty but I really like his idea about using the mission statement as a tagline. It's simple and says what you do!
    and take care - I can never fail but be incredibly impressed by your work here.

  3. Damn, Prin! Those jerks trying to get you out again already? =(
    Stay dry and let us know what's going on when you can.

    I would just say screw it and put something below the title, but less words. Just say something like scroll down - links are on the left or something.

  4. yeah but it's not my fault this time, apparently he wasn't paying the mortgage payment...we'll figure something least the couple in the front apartment went out there and cut the water back on :)