Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Elder Wisdom Circle

The Elder Wisdom Circle is a weekly column I subscribe to. I never had grandparents. My maternal grandfather died the year I was born, maternal grandmother died when I was seven, but I never knew her. My parents were divorced so I never knew my paternal grandparents. I get my grandparent advice from the Elder Wisdom Circle and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I read their advice. I thought I would share one today that about sums it all up :)

Words of Wisdom
Q. I have always wanted to sit my Grandpa down and glean every ounce of advice he deemed important for me to know. Unfortunately, he passed away 3 days ago. I was hoping someone would share their words of wisdom on life.

A. I am so sorry for your loss. First of all think about the things you admired about him the most; his integrity, honesty, caring, sharing and loving. Emulate those things. I would like to share just a few words of wisdom: 1) Pick your friends and associates carefully. 2) Ensure your moral foundation is strong and don't give up your deep rooted values. 3) Don't give up, and write your goals down. 4) Never stop learning. 5) Don't be afraid to be alone and be your own best friend. 6) Seek truth in all situations and be honest with others and yourself. 7) Remember at all times that you are special, rare and original - there is no one on this earth that is like you. 8) Life is a journey - a lifetime of ups and downs, good and bad, success and failure. 9) Laugh, smile and be cheerful. 10) Develop faith. 11) Share your gifts with others. 12) Dream…
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Elder Wisdom Circle is a nationwide network of seniors aged 60-105 offering their experience and advice to anyone with a question. Visit to seek advice. Look for their new book The Elder Wisdom Circle guide for a Meaningful Life.


  1. Best of luck on your test. Sending good vibes your way!

  2. That's a really nice site - thanks for that!

  3. I love this post, Prin. I love it that Elder Wisdom even exists. I'm thinking about you with your test tomorrow and praying all goes well.

  4. thanks everyone...i know it will help...i've been doing the mantra thingy all day...i know i can pass this test...i know i can pass this test...i know i can pass this test...:)