Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Dream Conference

I received this email today from the Child Welfare League of America. Click the title link to be taken to the 40 page brochure in pdf.

"Transform your work! Register now to attend the 2009 CWLA national conference, "Children Today... America's Future!" February 23-25 in Washington, DC. You'll get best practices and cutting-edge research from the child advocacy organization you know and trust.

More than 120 child and family experts will present on timely and important topics in child welfare, including technology, organizational excellence, worker retention, and mental health. Our all-new specialty summits will focus on:

* a trauma-informed child welfare system;
* transformation of residential care;
* leadership development; and
* substance abuse.

Are you specifically interested in foster care and adoption? Choose from 15+ workshops on emotional healing, older child adoption, family visitation, transitioning foster youth, and more. We'll also discuss how to survive and thrive in the Wall Street-to-Main Street crisis. These are conversations you cannot afford to miss!

Join us on Capitol Hill Tuesday, February 24, and be part of the first large-scale effort after the inauguration of President-elect Obama to focus the attention of Congress on children. Advocacy Day participants can also learn more about the sweeping reform brought about by the historic passage of the Fostering Connections to Success Act.

If you attend a conference in 2009, this should be the one!
Browse our workshops and sessions.
Earn up to 18.5 CEUs.

Save money! Register now to beat the rate increase on January 23, 2009. One FREE registration is available for every organization that registers five attendees. To take advantage of this offer, register by calling Nicky Dixon at 703/412-2414."

So if any of you happen to get one of those free tickets because you order five and feel like sponsoring a new, not yet employed social worker with plane fare and a hotel room...I would sure like to go. :)


  1. Wow...this sounds like a killer conference! If I had a free ticket I would send it your way. Hell, if I had ANY ticket I might send it your way! Haha!

  2. yeah, and even with all the friggin snow I might just use it :) it's pretty slim pickin's around here and what is available they insist you have a master's, so I'm fighting the ain't-got-no-job-and-it's-january-depression-blues right now :)

  3. That does sound like an awesome conference!

  4. Invisible Kids inspires me to help foster children and gives me ideas on how to do so. (

  5. Thanks, Beatrice! There are some great links on that page :)